The israeli student is subjected to a foul-mouthed anti-Semitic tirade on a New York subway

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An israeli student explains an anti-Semitic rant in a New York city subway, a passenger is reportedly annoyed for being asked to move her luggage. 

An Israeli student, says she was subjected to a “disturbing,” foul-mouthed anti-Semitic tirade, and was physically assaulted on a New York City subway last week for a customer who got annoyed after she was asked to move her bags.

“I feel very humbled and sad that anti-semitism still exists,” Lihi Aharon, who immigrated to the United States from a small village just outside of Tel Aviv, in 2013, he told Fox News.

She added: “It is a cause for concern, and it’s scary to think that our world is going in that direction. We need to stop this.”

The New York City Police Department, told Fox News the incident happened in the south, 2 of the trains in the neighborhood of Wall Street in New York City on Thursday night at around 11:15.

Aharon said to the woman, who police identified as a Zarinah Ali, 38, as she got on the subway on my way home to Brooklyn after an induction ceremony at her school, in The District of Manhattan Community College.

Aharon said to the woman, who police identified as a 38-year-old Zarinah Ali (left), and when they got on the subway on my way home to Brooklyn after an induction ceremony at her school.
(Lihi Aharon)


Aharon told Fox News she’d asked Ali to move her stuff, since she was three seats in a “full” train, but they refused to do. Aharon said it with a chair that was across from Ali, so she went to sit down.

“I came to sit down next to a visibly Orthodox Jewish men,” Aharon told Fox News. “He had a beard and a yarmulke, and he was also an Israeli.”

“She had to yell at him, scream at him, ‘Allahu Akbar’ [God is great] and then they will kill you,’ ‘nasty, the Jews,’ it was with reference to the provisions set out in the Qur’an, and when you see a Jew, you had to put him to death, and she used a lot of profanity.”

She added, “I was in the Hebrew language, so that they knew that I was Jewish.”

Aharon said to them, and they immediately took her phone and some of the comments that were captured on video.

In this video, Ali can be heard spouting phrases such as, “You f- – – –as a smoker– the Jews,” and, “You stink as a Jew.”

After a few minutes, she stood up and smacked my phone, she came over and smacked my phone, and I said to my friend “this,” I tell her in Hebrew , “Answer,” and my friend started recording, and then she slapped my friend’s phone out of her hands twice,” Aharon told Fox News.

“That’s when she came up to me and she walked over to me and pointed at my face, and she took hold of my face, as if she was trying to pull my face down and she scratched me so hard my face started bleeding.”

Aharon said to them, and they hit the emergency button is pressed on the subway and asked people to call 911.

She told Fox News that, after Ali was arrested, and she continued to scream, and other similar terms, “a lot of the profanities, really nasty words.”

Aharon said that they had to get medical attention for the “deep cut” on her face, but did not require stitches.


Aharon said the following to Ali, who, according to the police department at South Orange, N. J., was arrested, and the Jewish man sitting next to her, telling her that she’s yelling at him, and before Aharon got on the train, and saying negative remarks about the history of the Jewish people, and the story that unfolded at a kosher market in Jersey City, N. J., last week.

Six people were killed in that shooting, four victims, including one police officer and two suspects.

“I feel like the last time, anti-Semitism is raising its ugly head all over the world, not just in New York city. For me, as a student, I can’t see it on college campuses all the time,” Aharon told Fox News.

Ali has been charged with assault, according to the NYPD.

When asked if Ali will also be charged with a hate crime, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office told Fox News they could not comment on pending cases.

Aharon’s attorney, Ziporah Reich, told Fox News that she is going to be a companion Aharon, on her appointment to the hate crime, assistant district attorney.

“We are confident that, as soon as the District Attorney’s office to get all of the facts of its investigation, the prosecution of these crimes as the hate crime it is,” said Reich, who is with the Lawfare Project, a Jewish civil rights advocacy group that provides legal assistance to the members of the Jewish community have been targeted because of their faith.

The police also told Fox News that Ali, who was charged with assault, was drunk when she was arrested on Thursday night.
(Lihi Aharon)

The police also told Fox News that Ali, who was arrested in New York City, six times, mainly for assault, was drunk when she was arrested on Thursday night.


Lawyers for Ali and do not immediately react to Fox News’ request for comment.

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