The iranian opperleider condemns the protests against increased fuel prices

The iranian opperleider condemns the protests against increased fuel prices

The Iranian grootayatollah Ali Khamenei, has on Sunday expressed its support for an increase in the price of fuel, that is, in the whole of the country to protest together. Khamenei has condemned the protesters and maintains that she, by the way, from a foreign country to incite “acts of sabotage”.

“Some people may have reservations about this decision, but in acts of sabotage and arson, is to be carried out by the rabble, not the people. The contrarevolutionairen, and other enemies of Iran have always had acts of sabotage and the disruption of the security-supported, and will continue to do that,” he said, according to Iranian state television.

It is since last Friday demonstrated against the price increases. The iranian media and commentators on social media to describe the protesters in different areas of Iran slogans against the government, cried out, and the roads are blocked. Some of these protests have ended in violence. On social media images of flaming buildings and clashes between the protesters and the security forces. In the southeastern city of Sirjan, came as a protester was killed, was reported by the Iranian government.

Social media is being talked about more deaths, including in the capital city of Tehran, but those reports could not be confirmed. A video was made to show how the police have used tear gas to fly against the demonstrators, and in another, a bank is set on fire by the protesters.

According to the Iranian news agency Fars, there are certainly thousands of people were arrested, and were at least one hundred banks, was set on fire. The Iranian government due to the protests, almost all of the internet connections in the country to shut down.

“Unfortunately, there were some problems’.

“Unfortunately, there were a few problems, a number of people have lost their lives, and some of the buildings have been destroyed,” said Khamenei on the topic. According to the grootayatollah, the higher excise duties on fuel are based on the opinions of experts in the field. He called on the government to do to the prices of other goods do not have to be much higher.

It’s not the first time that there were widespread protests in Iran. By the end of 2017 went to nationals in eighty cities, towns, and villages, in the streets, due to the low cost of living. According to the official figures published by the government, when 22 people lost their lives.


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