The interview that Jonathan Legear 50 percent of his wages cost: I Had everything in advance known…’

An interview of Jonathan Legear in Sport/Voetbalmagazine is clearly not in the good soil for his Russian employer Terek Grozny. Read here the complete conversation.

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After two and a half years at the Chechen club Terek Grozny deposit the former player of Anderlecht his heart out. ‘I was never able to adjust. In June, I leave.’

A tight jeans, a snug T-shirt, the latest smartphone, the blonde hair styled: nothing seems to have changed. Jonathan Legear is still fashionable and still has a weakness for beautiful cars. We have a long conversation with him, shortly before the kick-off that he will give of the mattress between his ex-club Anderlecht and Zulte Waregem. He explains therein his heart exposed. “The people often have a wrong image of me…”

That image was of course negatively affected by your escapades with fast cars.

Jonathan Legear: “I do not live in the past. That mistake is behind me and I donít talk about it anymore. I paid for what I’ve done and I have learned. I have a model and I need to be me there well aware of. One event has given me a lot of insight, learned: the birth of my son Joshua. All of what I do now, I do for him. I have after my accident, certain promises made, and I am with a clean slate herbegonnen.”

However, it is ostentation of riches is not something that helps…

“The people who do not know me, judging, like about me because I’ve had a fun gun. But I’m not the only one, and I row no four cars per month in each other. Nowadays, you have a lot of jealous people who spew bile without that they know the truth.”

You’re just back from Dubai and soon to departure you on stage with Terek Grozny in preparation of the second competitiehelft that starts in march. Happy with the heat?

“It is not so cold in Moscow, you know, at least not this year. In Tomsk on the other hand, in Siberia, it drops the mercury to minus fifteen. The climatic conditions are horrible in there and the fields suffer. It is worse than in third class: their stadium must be just about 150 years old and entirely of wood. There is the stadium of RWDM, a palace.”

Fortunately, you earn well in Grozny.

“That I get to constantly hear, but so easy it is not. My salary is obviously in order, but I did take apart. I was completely displaced when I of Anderlecht arrived here. I have, however, a strong character and I’m not easily discouraged, but then… Nobody in my local area, my girlfriend, my son, my parents do not. I Had on beforehand known what was in store for me in Grozny, I had never drawn a fat salary or not.”

If you haven’t been happy in Russia?

“I have good moments and I’m also not zwartkijker, but I’m never really able to adjust, not on the field and not next to it.”

What is so different than in Belgium?

“Everything! I ended up in a kind of medieval town, or rather village (in Kislovodsk where he lives, ed.). The people there have no problem with that, who have never known anything else known… It has taken a long time for some things to get used to. I understood nothing of health care, for example, and to ask something in the shop was also not an option, because no one there speaks English. No one says there is also a hello, as if everyone is constantly in a bad mood.”

How is it that Lorraine and Joshua is not with you live?

“It takes terribly long to get a visa to obtain, but soon, that would be in order. Unbelievable how difficult that all is progressing. The last time I came back to Belgium was Kanu with me (the other ex-Anderlechtenaar that in Grozny plays, ed) and the customs took him twenty minutes long questioned, while he was out of the country and he is a Russian work permit.”

Recently told you about was every so often to take a flight.

“It is the travelling in general, that is heavy. For a home game, we sit six hours on the bus. Trips take just as long, then we take the plane. It never stops.”

How to see your daily life there?

“That does not amount to much. I’m on, I’m going to play soccer, I surf the internet, watch tv and play on the PlayStation. Boring, I know, but there’s nothing else to do. And that distance of 6000 km with your family and friends or you’re not for a little while.”

There Is really nothing else to do?

“To go to the movies should I a hour drive over excellent roads, then you have not much sense. To the fourteen days I drive there, still go and then go there I eat in an excellent restaurant.”

Have your foreign team mates as much effort to integrate?

“Yes. Kanu sees not even sit to return to Grozny, he has even less adapt than I am. Gheorghe Grozav, who Standard it comes, is also on our team, even if he plays, almost never. That has enough of, he walks the walls, and wants nothing rather than the plane jump on and leave.”

Is that thought to you never occurred?

“It was only when I came here, I realized what was in store for me. At the airport I had been meaning to fly back. Up to forty times, I have my broker call you.”

You were never there for you drew?

“No, it all went too fast. Barely two days before the close of the market I got an offer I could not refuse. I had my broker a number of requirements doorgebriefd and Grozny went to the last detail, both as regards the car, if the salary, housing, premiums, you name it. My broker gave me the paper, I underwent medical tests in Brussels and faxte the signed contract to Grozny.”

Do you have any regrets?

“I Had everything in advance conscience, than I would with my salary of when at Anderlecht remained. But well, I’m a real pro and I am learning here also. I only regret that I didn’t have more time with my loved ones spend. I have my son in four months time, but ten days seen. Do not think that money is everything make up for it.”

Also sportive, there were more lows than heights?

“I had problems with the first coach. He was in the beginning with a cock in me and I in two years and barely played. At the beginning of this season there was a different trainer, and that gave me the confidence. I have good games played, but the results did not follow. The trainer was fired, but the new’s said that he’s on me for raising the club to save.”

That translates, however, not in speelminuten…

“Terek is not a normal club, there is a higher authority and imposed. The president thinks to himself: ‘He has left us a fortune cost and at the end of the season and he leaves for free. So there is no reason to put him on.’ He has the strings in his hands, though the coach admitted that he is me. Only he has me still not able to produce because just before his arrival, a player of Spartak Moscow almost broke my ankle. It was a great blow to me a few weeks to the hand held. When I could play, made the president clearly indicated to the coach that he me not to draft.”

You are going to soon be away at Terek Grozny?

“I’m a man of my word and my task is to the club that is so much for me, paid to give something in return. I want the preservation, help to ensure. I have offers got to in January to leave, but I have said that I, the league will kick off in Russia.”

But in June are you leaving?”

“Yes, that’s a fact.”

Have you already got offers?

“Yes. In June I will be free. There are even two teams in the eighth finals of the Champions League that interest showed. That I had not expected, because many said that I am in Russia had buried. Underestimated the Russian league. The last of the standings, Anzji is, by his group in the Europa League hit and Roebin Kazan, twelfth in the state, Zulte Waregem and eaten.”

What club would you like to be?

“I’ve got a few months to get the possibilities to view, and the best option to choose. I want to be in any case in the summer preparation with the new club experience. A contract that takes effect at the beginning of June would be ideal. I dream of a club of European play, but if you see where I come from, it is just all bonus. I also want to be closer to my family to live, or preferably they are with me in my new city.”

As possible let the chairman of Terek you not a minute more to play. Why are you leaving then?

“A lot of clubs wait, the best deals come with the eye on a new season. Halfway through the season somewhere arrive is not ideal. The base is there, the competition is sharper and there are still mercenaries around there in the summer more will be. I would at this moment a conditional disadvantage, so I prefer to be a fancy way a new start. By the world cup, I will have a longer preparation period, which plays in my favor.”

Your next competitiematch would so ever in July?

“That’s not so bad. I continue to work hard on training. There are plenty of players in the core of a pro club that never of the bank.”

What do you deficiency to reset the level to pick up at Anderlecht?

“I am still in my intrinsic qualities, but I’d still like to show. At Anderlecht I was every morning with a smile on, I was happy that I could go work out. I have that in Grozny have not yet experienced. The fields in which we work out are a disaster, after five sessions, you have blisters, so hard are they. We are twenty minutes into the bus to get there, there is no fancy dressing rooms and no fitness centre.”

As you’ll see about what financial resources the club has, that is hallucinatory?

“They are a training complex to build that the comparison with the Premier League to endure. It is located in Grozny itself, which means that the club permanently there to stay. I want to there is nothing just about to say, because Chechnya is a beautiful country that after the civil war of fifteen years ago, bright advances. But you can’t have all of today to change tomorrow…”

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