The Interim government, and the party of Morales to close the deal: re-election of Bolivia

The Interim government, and the party of Morales to close the deal: re-election of Bolivia

The interim government of Bolivia, and the decision-makers of the party, who had fled former president, Evo Morales, have a Thursday evening and a deal to get out of the political crisis there will be new elections in the country.

The president of the senate, Mónica, Eva, Copa Murga, a member of Morales’ socialist party), referred to this as a “historic day” as the government and the opposition agreed to. “In order to allow our country to unite and, above all, for democracy to defend it.”

Bolivia’s interim president, Jeanine Añez, had said earlier that they are building bridges to the party of Morales, but that’s in Mexico helping the former president is not welcome as a candidate in the election.

Fans of the recently retired Morales has clashed earlier on Thursday with the police department, after oppositielid Añez themselves in on Wednesday as interim president and calls.

In the Bolivian city of La Paz, stones were thrown and a fire lit by supporters of the former president. The police responded by tear gas shot in to the masses.

Morales is accused of fraud

Morales resigned on Sunday following weeks of protests against him. He has been accused of fraud, after he was in October, with the victory of the men claimed as the voting early and were closed down. Morales was fourteen years of age a long time, the power in the country.

The former president fled to Mexico, where he has political asylum, have been given. He referred to this as a coup d’état against him, and the appointment of Añez, that would be, according to him, confirm it.

Supporters of Morales, as the set of Añez is illegal is because its president has not been officially adopted by the u.s. senate. Añez says that they may be re-elected wants to be on the platform.

Morales said on Wednesday that he was ready to go back to the times when the nation asks for it, according to his own words, ” to be “Bolivia, feel free to ask”.


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