The indonesian government is moving the capital to Borneo.

The capital of Indonesia, on the island of Borneo, are located. That is, the government on Monday decided to.

According to the Indonesian state news agency Antara, the government of the president, Either Widodo is still not a city, but it is, however, it was decided that the new capital of Kalimantan can be reached, the Indonesian part of Borneo.

Dexter, S., Prawiradinata, the secretary of state for development planning, confirmed the news on behalf of the government. He said that his department will provide to all of the provisions relating to the transfer of the capital city.

The relocation of the capital to Borneo should bid for the 2024 games begin. At that time, so the new capital city have been chosen.

Kalimantan occupies the central and southern part of Borneo, in the northern part of Indonesia, is located. In the northern part of the island belongs to Malaysia and Brunei. In Indonesia with Kalimantan is also known as the island referred to.

The former capital city of Jakarta, you can hustle no more

Indonesia will choose a new capital, as in indonesia, since 1950 it is the capital city of the country, and the additional hustle and bustle not to do it. The city is on the island of Java is one of the most verkeersspitsen in the world.

In addition, Jakarta is sinking by the city, groundwater pumping, then there is of course the price. Because of this flooding, the city often. It is also the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Borneo, is smaller than that on Java.

Indonesia will choose a different city in indonesia, which has more to do with the heavy traffic and pollution in order to reduce the load. (Photo: Getty Images)


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