The indigenous guard of the Amazon jungle destroyed by loggers

Two of the Brazilian people on Friday, in the Amazon region is fired at by a paradise for those who were doing the illegal logging. This is one of them to death. The other one managed to escape, but it became obvious that he is injured. The two men were the protectors of tropical rain forests.

The tribe of Guajajara, is one of the largest tribes in the South American country made it to the shooting incident on Saturday is known. The fatal victim, a young father, and came into being in the chase, a bullet through his head.

The victims were members of a conservation organisation of which the natives many years ago established in the fight against illegal logging, mining and fire-raising, for landontginning. Since the establishment of the president’s Jair Bolsonaro at the beginning of this year, deforestation in the brazilian Amazon has accelerated.

On Friday the man who died told me in september to the Reuters news agency that the protection of the rainforest is a dangerous mission, but that the tribes had to continue to fight. “We have a way of life for the future of our children,” he said at the time.

The body of the man is in the forest, where he was put to death, says the APIB, an organization that has a large proportion of brazil’s indigenous population. The national police has a team of detectives is on the case to put in.

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‘Shooting incident a direct result of the government’s policy’

“The government of Bolsonaro has indigenous blood on his hands”, according to APIB. “The increase in violence in the indigenous areas has been a direct result of his hateful speeches and actions against our people.”

The president is known to be a strong supporter of the exploitation of the Amazon region. Under his rule, are of various nature and indigenous organizations in the country have weakened. This allows the tribes to fend for themselves, and they need to protect themselves, ” says APIB leader Sonia Guajajara.

In the event of conflicts regarding land-use change in the Amazon basin during the last ten years, more than a hundred people for the life to come, reported the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, during the past summer.


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