The indigenous Ecuadorian people are going in to talk with the president

The group of indigenous Ecuadorians, who protests against the government in the country’s cause, and has Saturday, decided in a conversation with the president, Lenín Moreno. The toenaderingspoging of the policy maker was more likely to be on no success.

The people campaigning for more than a week of action because of the government’s brandstofsubsidies has been abolished. According to the authorities, this is necessary, because the economy is upset, and is about 60 billion us dollars (54,6 million) have been.

Moreno said in a televised address as soon as possible with the aboriginal community in a conversation, you’re going to have. Jaime Vargas, the head of the umbrella organization for the indigenous peoples, rejected the proposal, however, and within a few minutes. According to the organizers, after consultations with several parties, yet, in a dialogue, you’re going to have.

More protests are in the capital city of Quito, in the past a lot of the hand. The security forces have repeatedly used tear gas being used. At the other agents, four of the protesters to be in the life to come. Hundreds of people were killed or wounded, or were captured.

The President, after violent protests, curfew

Due to the violent protests, has in Moreno, the government is moving from Quito to the coastal city of Guayaquil, where it is relatively quiet. The president on Saturday, a curfew for the capital city, where more soldiers are to be deployed.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that travellers down to the South American country.


Demonstrators from Ecuador and pelting the police with stones


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