The Importance Of A Good Night's Sleep

The Importance Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Nowadays society is functioning by draining the energy of the others. When was the last time you had the time to do everything you wanted? When was the last time you had the option to actually choose your working hours or to freely plan your free time without having to make some compromises?

When was the last time you felt fresh and lively for the whole day ? The answer is probably “never” for the most, and maybe “a long time ago” for the few lucky ones…

The good night sleep is directly responsible for this. Everybody know that after a good sleep we have more energy we can use in the day ahead us. And maybe equally important, with a good sleep schedule and waking up early, we can actually create more time for ourselves and basically expand our day, thus making time for the most things we missed or lacked time for.

The importance of sleep for our health and general well being is greatly undervalued in today’s societies. While probably everyone knows that without water and food a person cannot survive very long, very small fraction of them know that the same goes for sleeping too.

The actual time one can survive without sleep is something more than 10 days, actually the guiness record is around 11 days. The symptons that ocurred after only 4 days range from short memory loss, problems with concentration and moodiness with more serious health problems further on like hallucinations and paranoia.

Of course some of this serious ilnesses happen only with long amount of sleep deprivation. But the short-term effects are just as bad.

Here are some of them:

  • Sleep deprivation can result in weaking your immune system, that’s ability of the body to defend against most ilnesses.


  • Can have devastating effect on your ability to concentrate. Or even to find a way how to improve your concentration.


  • Ability to learn and remember. The sleep helps the brain in reorganizing the things we learned and rememberd during the day.


  • Can have an effect on our metabolism and hormones, indirectly causing a weight gain.


How can you avoid this happening to you? You can try and create a sleeping schedule and follow some sleeping guidelines which should help you get a quality sleep.

  • Avoid food or any kind of beverages in larger amounts in the late hours.


  • Avoid too much alchocol at night, although the alchocol can make you relaxed and even sleepy, it tends to have a short effect, and you may find yourself waking up several hours later.


  • Stay away from the coffeine.


  • If you are a smoker, don’t smoke before you get to bed, the nicotine tends to stimulate you.


  • Avoid harder exercises late at night. The exercise can make you feel more enegetic while pumping up some adrenaline in your body, which will make you stay awake.


Try to avoid this things and you will surely experience a big positive change in your healthy lifestyle and general well being.

About the author:
Bojan Vasilevski is a blogger at and freelance writer, writing about healthy lifestyle, healthy habbits and improving the life we have.

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