The Illusionist Victor Mids is not going to be artsencarrière a second

Victor Mids, who are trained in Medicine, it’s not going to ever get any of the artsenberoep to pick it up. The magician tells us a lot of pleasure out of his current career.

“I don’t think I’ll ever find a doctor to become. Therefore, I think what I’m doing now so much fun,” says Mids (32) in communication with the ENVIRONMENT.

However, it is the Mindf*ck-host of plans to make over the next few years, research into placebo effects and hypnosis. “This is all down to the play of the mind to create. It would be nice have the knowledge that I will have more time to use it in a book on behavioral psychology. This can be relevant in the study of how people fear or pain.”

Mids, made several series of the popular programme, which he has illusions, and experiments on people, but he also sees himself, in contrast to colleagues such as Hans Klok is not a show in Las Vegas, the end up.

“I give it to John, but to me, Vegas is not the best we can do,” said Mids. “The spectacle, the fireworks and the explosions fit in there. I would like to keep doing what I’m doing now. In different ways in the brain to influence it.”

According to the magician, are also colleagues in the “very happy” with what they are doing. “For a Mindf*ck on the tv, and they have a lot more work to do. They are no longer alone in the glittergordijntjesachtige corner, but they are also now fashionable for parties.”

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