The ideal wardrobe consists of 37 items

“But I need it!” The most common and most incorrect statement when kledingshoppen arrive. This detox will help you clarify in your wardrobe, your personal style and how many pairs of shoes a man can really use.

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Our consumer society is bursting out of its seams. We buy all too much, too unnecessarily, unknowingly and this has to change, also found blogger Caroline Rector of Unfancy. She has her wardrobe on a diet, a decent diet. Rector has now only 37 pieces in her closet (blogger Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee even went to ten pieces. What?!).

These so-called capsule wardrobes are the new hype? And especially: how does that work exactly?


A capsule wardrobe is a minigarderobe consisting of 37 versatile pieces that you can easily combine and that you are very fond of wearing it. “But my lambswool sweater can I in the summer not to, and is therefore not versatile: should I throw away?” According to Rector. You should feel free to add to your wardrobe according to the season. Her capsulegarderobe in the winter with more sweaters and jackets, and in the summer more dresses. Not only you will save yourself a lot more time and money and you can do the groaning garment industry an advantage: you will also clearly come to know exactly what your own style is so you, in the future, more aware and more focused shopping. Sounds fantastic? Top: detox time!


So you start:

Clean out your closet

Put everything, but everything out of your wardrobe on your bed and make three piles: keep, donate, throw away. Be honest with yourself. A beautiful dress that you never wear? Give it away. You lievelingsshirt with a sausvlek that there shall never be put out unless one day a magical supervlekkenverwijderaar invent? Throw it away.

Set your capsule together

It is important that the pieces you decide to keep a (nearly) timeless and that the items that you really like to wear. (plus a few items that the change of the seasons are exchangeable).

Please note: underwear, sports and swimwear, pajamas and a set of old schilderkleren there is no part of that. Vice-chancellor even goes so far as to also handbags and accessories no limit to know, already we find that weak.

They are for work other need to wear in their free time can have their capsule, possibly even divide it into 20 pieces workwear, 20 pieces of casual clothing.

Find your ideal number

Rectors capsule 37 is divided into 9 pairs of shoes, 9 skirts and pants, 15 c, 2 dresses and 2 jackets, but that can of course vary from person to person. Do you prefer statements with blazers than with your shoes? Are you not a “top and bottom” person but more of a fan of dresses? Then, decide for yourself how you that 37 (or less) pieces format: your capsule wardrobe must, after all, your own style, personalize, not that of another.


So, your capsule is composed of. Attention: all 37 pieces seems like a lot, but you will find that you eventually will have problems to this number to maintain, especially if you -what we recommend – you accessories and handbags also in the capsulemix throws.

You never pamper yourself with a shopping trip? Of course it does. At the end of each season a few pieces from your wardrobe to redeem, if any for new pieces, and you also see a capsulecollectie better what you really need and if you are not coming home with yet another off the shoulder top.

Good luck!

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