The ideal beer for ten typical eindejaarsgerechten: the suggestions of Sofie Vanrafelghem

The christmas season is the period par excellence for classics. What you’re going to eat, you know in ninety percent of the cases already, but what will we drink? Biersommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem matches already ten typical feestgerechten with ten less typical drinks. Definitely worth it to test out!

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A lot of families and groups of friends keep it for years, their feestmenu. And why would they do it? Traditions make this time, finally, just that little bit more special. We grabbed some of that hard food off menu and asked the sommelier to each of an appropriate beverage. Sometimes surprising, but always a combination to be more costly.

1. Oysters

Beer: Oude Geuze 3 Fountains Cuvée Armand & Gaston – Brewery 3 Fountains

Bierstijl: old gueuze

Very many people will first lemon squeezing their raw oyster before eating. Here brings the sophisticated beer a very pure and natural acidity, which is also the salt of the oysters will soften.

2. Fish

Beer: Alcohol – Brasserie de La Senne

Bierstijl: brett beer

Thanks to the refermentation in the bottle with the Brussels brettanomyces for 4 months you taste a delicieus frisfruitig sour beer with accents of pineapple and mandarin. Perfectly through the creamy texture to break up this dish and the flavors of the fish to lift it.

3. Stuffed turkey with croquettes

Beer: Keun Special Gold – Brewery Keun

Bierstijl: tripel

The zoetfruitige keys of apricot and banana, which the tripel, thanks to the yeast, fit extremely well with the soft flavor of the turkey. At the same time brings the beer the necessary refreshment.

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4. Roast with pomme duchesse and with berries stuffed apples

Beer: Liefmans Goudenband – Brouwerij Liefmans – Duvel Moortgat

Bierstijl: old brown

The roast combines very well with the vineuze zoetzuurheid of the beer. That while the aromas of raisins, nuts and dark balsamic in harmony with the fruit-stuffed apples.

5. A wildstoofpot with gratin dauphinois

Beer: Sans Pardon – Brewery, The Daughter of the ear of corn

Bierstijl: Russian imperial stout

This strong, dark beer with rooibos complements the wildstoofpot very nice. His intense moutkarakter with tea and chocoladetoetsen supports effortlessly both the stew as the gratin.

6. Gourmet

Beer: Goliath Tripel – Brasserie des Légendes

Bierstijl: tripel

The festive bakfestijn where everyone will have his own meat, fish or vegetarian alternative bakes, has a versatile beer is needed, that goes well with different species and sauces. Ideal is a frisfruitige tripel with a hoppy nose and round bitterness as the Goliath Tripel.

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7. Stuffed vegetables (vegetarian)

Beer: Saison Voisin – Brasserie des Légendes

Bierstijl: saison

Tight, dry and wonderfully bitter with floral aromas and a citrustoets is the Saison Voisin is a jewel among the Belgian saisons. They refreshed the earthy tones and the full flavors of the vegetables, and thanks to its lightness, perfectly in balance with the dish.

8. Cheese fondue

Beer: Bush Amber – Brasserie Dubuisson

Bierstijl: gerstewijn

In addition, this court will hear a resounding beer with the appropriate body in order to keep up. The elegant moutpersoonlijkheid of the Bush Amber, with its honingaccent cuts through the creamy texture and pushes this to the taste of the cheese more towards the front.

9. Bûche with chocolate

Beer: Oude Kriek Boon Brewery Boon

Bierstijl: oude kriek

Dark chocolate and red fruits continue to be a winning combination. Thanks to the 400 grams of cherries per liter lambic over a year to ferment in oak barrels, you can taste the pure fruit. The refined acidity breaks down the sweetness of this dessert.

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At midnight – an alternative to champagne or cava

Beer: The Elder Mill – Brewery The Elder

Bierstijl: Brut beer

For an ale, it remains surprising that we automatically reach for the cava or champagne, while the bierbubbels can out. Such as, for example, The Elder Brut with its fresh acidity and strong irritant mouthfeel. In addition, add the elderflower some extra fruitiness. Ideal feestbubbels so.

Bouncer: three tips for oudejaar

1. Start from your court and not from the beer

Test carefully and determine the primary and secondary flavors of your dish. The court Is especially sweet, sour, salty or bitter? Check to see which keys you menu, to dominate and lose the sauce and spices not from the eye.

2. Flavour intensity is more important than alcohol content

In the construction of your menu, it is best to keep in mind the flavour intensity of the food and less with the alcohol percentage of your beers. A beer of 6 % can sometimes be a more pronounced taste than a beer of 8 %. Building strength and character throughout the dinner.

3. Pure match with acid

Pure seafood such as oysters, or hand-peeled grey shrimps combine well with beer. Avoid the dry, bitter beers. Thus you cause a real train accident, the oysters will taste like 3 weeks ago, fresh. A pairing with fresh sour beers like oud bruin, and old gueuze, however, will they really do shine.

To know more about the beers of international biersommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem? Check out her website or follow her on Facebook.

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