The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson to fame not as a negative experience

The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson to fame not as a negative experience

Josh Hutcherson wants his fame now fully embrace. In the past, the 24-year-old actor does not always cope well with the fame that he acquired with his role in The Hunger Games movies.

“It can sometimes be annoying when you a normal time, try to have,” said the actor in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Hutcherson often find it difficult as all the eyes on him focused when he publicly appears. “It is extremely unrealistic and strange.”

Yet he does not complain about his fame. The actor refers to a letter that Frank Sinatra ever wrote to George Michael in which he says that he would never be allowed to complain about fame.

“It was a beautifully written letter about how privileged you are when you are in a situation where you make music and people really listen to and love, you can never complain about it.”


Hutcherson acknowledges that the appreciate of fame is not always easy. “I’ve had my moments that I quite negative and dark compared to the idea of fame. Now I’m to a point that I can truly appreciate.”

The last period is the actor busy with his directorial debut. A psychological thriller called Ape. This project takes the actor away from the commercial blockbuster movies.

“Because The Hunger Games movies are so big and commercial, I wanted to really do something which I find could to the characters and stories that are more independent, because that is where my heart has always lain.

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