The humorous story behind a bag of ‘scuba crap’ on eBay

Amy Cook was recently cleaning out her attic in Lubbock, Texas, when she was about her husband’s scuba gear. It hasn’t been used in years, so she got his permission and placed the items on eBay.

But her post, titled “Steve’s Scuba Crap and why it must go,” is not only an eBay post—it with “the best description ever”, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In fact, it provides for the dusty gear are currently above $200. “This scuba gear is a reminder to my husband ‘fun family’ time [with his siblings] before I came into the picture,” Cook writes.

“And no, I’m awesome, so it’s not because they didn’t like me.” She goes on to describe the lonely scuba adventure, she went with her husband, his brother and sister and their spouses; he was involved in a lot of Dramamine, and learn that it is “surprisingly easy” to climb on an oil rig platform in the middle of the ocean, because she was seasick and the boys “don’t want to waste the day.” Cook tells KCBD she plans to donate a portion of any profits from the March of Dimes, but writes on eBay that they can also use it for scuba diving lessons: “isn’t that hilarious?!?” (This woman turned to eBay to sell her wedding dress marred by the “stench of betrayal.”)

This article originally appeared on Newser: The Story Behind a Bag of ‘Scuba Crap’ on eBay

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