The house of The torches Pelosi as a “cautious, frantic and misguided’ as he calls them, for their replacement

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Nancy Pelosi takes aim at the US economy

Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith and Stock Swoosh owner Melissa Armo discuss Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Comments in violation of the U.S. economy.

A democratic Congressman from the state of New York on fire Nancy Pelosi put it this week, calling them “cautious, frantic and misguided,” as he joined a growing group of rebels, Democrats, who say that they do not return, the Californian, for another term as the party leader in the house.

U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins, the Buffalo-area, told the Buffalo News that Pelosi has shown a lack of leadership and failed to produce an alternative to President Trump agenda such as the pursuit of a Medicare expansion or investment in infrastructure.

“I’m not going to said their support,” Higgins in an interview. “You hear, but this is my conclusion: it is restrained, frantic and misguided.

US house REP Brian Higgins is calling for a change in the Democratic party leadership.


“I am a voice, a frustration that I hear every day,” he added, referring to other house Democrats. “I don’t want to call anybody. But this is the conversation that takes place.”

Pelosi responded to Higgins’ criticism of, say, his concerns were mainly on their disagreement about his bill that would expand Medicare for people between the ages of 50 to 64.

The New Yorker comments on Pelosi came as several potential candidates and sitting members of Congress expressed concerns about their 78-year-old leader, who was speaker of the house of representatives for four years before he was minority leader in 2011.


Clarke Tucker, a Democrat running for a congressional seat held by Republicans in Arkansas, released a new ad this week in which he distanced himself from Pelosi, said he will not return to her, if he is elected. The video follows relentlessly the GOP to link the attacks to try him with Pelosi.

“[Republican Congressman French Hill] opened his campaign by attacking me, knowing that I have said from the first day that I did not vote for Nancy Pelosi. We are better than that,” Tucker says in the ad.

U.S. house-Rep. Conor lamb from Pennsylvania, won a special election in March, in a historically GOP district, had won a trump, by almost 20 points, he also said voting for Pelosi, and the election campaign as a moderate Democrat.

Higgins remains particularly concerned about the party to come to the ability of the traditional democratic voters with policies that could convince, who supports trump in 2016, to come back to the Democratic party.

“Our leadership is out of touch with what’s going on, not only in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, but in Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Hamburg, Orchard Park and Lancaster,” he told the newspaper that mention the countries and communities Trump won in the presidential elections.

He adds that the party needs a clearer vision, a stronger leadership personality and offer more than just opposition to the White house, if the party wants a repeat of the control after the midterm elections.

“If you are on the floor, all over the place; it is hectic. I think it lacks seriousness.”

US House REP Brian Higgins to Nancy Pelosi

“The only thing I have is a voice and a vote, and I have to use to try to detect my conference, that the resistance against Trump is at best only half,” he said. “We have something to offer” affirmative.”

Speaking of 2020, the Democrats remained skeptical. “We are not ready for the year 2020. We are missing a clear, coherent, and compelling narrative,” he said.

One reason why the party is not yet ready to challenge Trump, according to Higgins, is the leader of the house.

“If you are on the ground, he said all over the place; it is hectic,” Pelosi. “I think you lack gravitas.”

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