The house is to extend the sweeping legislation, LGBTQ civil rights, but the GOP legislature of concern, it is the rights of women may result in

nearvideo-faith objections to the ‘law of equality’: it Is the worst-case scenario for religious freedom?

Religious leaders are concerned about the passed equality bill, which is expected, in the house, because it is warn is not a destination, religious objections, and some that could prohibit it for the traditional views on marriage. This could be against the basic principle of freedom of religion? To discuss here, the former Obama advisers believe Christopher Hale, and Shane Idleman, lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship ” in California.

A Republican-backed motion to block the law on equality, the dignity of the civil rights protection for gay and transgender people failed on Friday to approve the house of representatives agreed to the bill, 236, 173.

The bill had the support of every Democrat in the house, along with eight Republicans. If it goes to the Senate, President Trump is expected to veto the measure if it reaches his Desk.

The new anti-discrimination legislation would ensure that LGBTQ individuals are not discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity that everyone can get “closer to the same freedom and justice for all,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a champion of the bill.

The Republicans have to say with the back against the sweeping piece of legislation, known as HR 5, the, it endangers the freedom of religion by the requirement to accept every citizen, and the changing definitions of sexual identity in the society.


Another Problem is the civil liberties of women and girls is that the bill will hinder you.

Republicans also introduced a motion to recommit on the House floor Friday to refuse a call to the legislature, transgenders the right to participation in single-gender sports avoid activities, the biological disadvantages between men and women. The Republicans are concerned, title IX, a law that ensures that state-funded education programs separate on the basis of sex, could be at risk by the new legislation.

“The Democrats have reached is trying to delete, in the decades of progress of women in athletics programs,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News on Friday. “Protecting title IX should not be partisan. Democrats denied girls and women their own space in the Sport and demonstrates a different way you want to politicize every aspect of American life.”

“Essentially, the reason title IX has also been created to compete for girls and women in a separate room, but HR 5 can compete with men and boys, on women sports teams, use their locker, etc.” McCarthy’s office said in a statement.

According to a Rasmussen poll in April, only 23 percent of voters “believe a man, born as a man, but the identification should be allowed as a female, to compete in the women’s performance sport events.”

GOP lawmakers insist that the equality Act would be the “end to women only Sport.”

“Transgender women and girls are already allowed to participate in sports programs – this bill is just an attempt to politicize a non-political unit,” McCarthy said.

Still, Democrats were on the winning, with a 2020 presidential candidate, Beto O’rourke, the legislator for the adoption of the bill praised.

“Our thanks go out to the lawyers, activists, and LGBTQ champions in the country, lead the way, every day, to be held of the March for justice, go, year after year, and finally, the law adopted the same position in this house today. Together, we will secure full civil rights for LGBTQ Americans,” O’rourke tweeted.


The eight house Republicans who voted for the bill Friday were.and Susan Brooks of Indiana, Mario Diaz-Balart from Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Will Hurd of Texas, Greg Walden of Oregon and New York legislator John Katko, Tom Reed, and Elise Stefanik

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