The house GOP’s naked attempt on the public and its possible errors

in the vicinityVideoTop house Republicans send letter to Rep. Adam Schiff press for whistleblowers to testify publicly

Jason Chaffetz says there is a difference between allow, to bear witness to a victim is private and the calling of a witness to testify in public.

The “streaking” phenomenon, its peak reached in the mid-1970s. People would head to shopping malls or sporting events, strip -, and then sprint like a verbrühter dog au naturel.

There were no airs and graces to flit. No Facade.

It was only a bare attempt, the public.

TV networks quickly tired series cross-ball diamonds and soccer fields. Streaking was not a part of the game. It all was a game. The networks chosen, cut away from the series. The Director of the truck would call for the recording of the on-deck circle, or dug-outs, while security people, the series pursued something from Benny Hill. Regular reporting to resume as soon as the order has been restored.


Things work a little differently than in the policy. On Capitol Hill, it is to the spectacle.

It is not clear why a squadron of house Republicans breaking into the safe house Intelligence Committee suite on Capitol Hill this week. It was a publicity stunt. Almost all of the Capitol Hill press corps and a full battery of TV photographers camped outside the Intelligence Committee’s offices for weeks. The lawmakers and the witnesses come and go, for the displacement in the prosecution investigation at all times of the day and night. But the news crews are a constant.


It’s a little like what Willie Sutton said when asked why he robbed banks. “That’s where the money is,” said Sutton. So, if you want advertising and want to go to command the news cycle for 24 hours, where the cameras are.


The capers GOPers paint their narrative, were Democrats, the implementation of secret meetings helped “behind closed doors” than it is to hide if there is something. A few days ago, several Republicans irrigation began their phrase-mongering with the word “bunker.” This describes the secure office suite, the willows on three levels underground, in the bowels of the capital. The new description to a reinforcement of the Republican portrait, were not the Democrats well. It sounded sinister and nefarious. If things were on the level, the Democrats would fortress not such a hidden Conclave in an underground.

Never mind that the Intelligence Committee conducts its business in a hardened, underground facility, so it can protection from some of the country’s leading national security secrets.

But the protest line with the Central GOP booking, abhor how the Democrats handling of the prosecution: the process. The Republicans believe they can sway public opinion when they frame Democrats as gaga over impeachment and listless, when it comes to legislation. It’s the same approach Republicans took when Democrats drafted Obamacare. The Republicans claimed that Democrats wrote the bill “in a smoke-filled room.” Never mind that a “room full of smoke” was the last place to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) would already be enough, if someone as their views on tobacco products.

The Republicans knew exactly what they were doing when they stormed the GOP House Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday morning: they would score a lot of press.

And, a value-added by-product, and the average Americans learned what a SCIF is: “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.” This is the ultra-safe space, where Democrats scheduled an interview with a Pentagon official, Laura Cooper Wednesday. GOPers knew Democrats would not start the interrogation as soon as they rushed the bull to the SCIF.

Here’s the problem:

The house divvies up Committee assignments. Many legislators hold two Committee assignments, and, in some cases, three. A few serve, the assignments to a Committee, because some of the panels are such a plum. It is up to the Committee-the Chairman of the business conduct committee, as you can see. Under house rules, the Committee Chairman, room to with a lot of the game that allow you, in an interview or hear. It is at the discretion of the chair. It is not uncommon to have members of other committees, hearings, or interviews of a panel. But, only do this if there is an agreement with the chair.

Members of Committee assignments for a reason. They are actually not to barge in on the other committees.

It is considered bad form to try on Capitol Hill for members of a Committee, to obstruct the business of another Committee. The members are usually respectful of this practice.

The idea is that when you gore someone’s ox today, you can gore yours tomorrow.

In addition, it might speak to a problem with the summoning of a witness with the understanding you are with a group of investigators – just to a different group of people show to listen to, A witness may be unwilling to provide testimony.

But the bigger Problem may have been with members who do not serve on the triumvirate of committees, charging of the SCIF, armed with cell phones and electronic watches.

Some Republicans argued they never hurt the safe area rules. But Fox is said, you have to actually sit in the room where the committees interview with Cooper to.

US Capitol police never arrest the members threatened in the SCIF. But Fox is said to be some of the lawmakers asked to be arrested. With all the reporters, the front, the Republicans suffered for the appearance of being frog-marched stationed in handcuffs from the SCIF. The tableau, that would be the GOP-sketch embody, the Democrats ran Amok with impeachment.

But the Republicans are not the first, the hope of curating to such a political diorama.

House Democrats commandeered the house floor for more than 26 hours in June 2016 with a sit-in on Republican inaction on guns. The Republicans were on the verge of a stroke, the Democrats would take the house chamber, to break decorum. This was a stunt as well. Of course, the Democrats-hoped so-secretly, the Republicans would take to freak out and demand, namely, the civil rights icon REP John Lewis (D-GA). Democrats knew the press would lap this up

The gun sit-in continues, unabated. Democrats flocked to the sit-in, live, via Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. The use of electronic devices on the House floor for such purposes violates the house rules. Of course, the Republicans are in the majority, introduced new rules to be members, if they used electronic devices, the video stream from the floor.

Oh, the irony.


The press would ever lift a page from the playbook of the TV networks in the 70s and ignore the “series”, if you ran onto the field? It is easier to distinguish things in the Sport. There are balls and strikes. Stolen Bases. Catches by diving on the warning track. Pots heating up in the bullpen. All of these events are clearly part of the game. It is difficult to separate substance from folly in the policy.

But what is clear, are naked attempts to score publicity.

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