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This Is a feel that he is at the Top of the upward-to-suit. The only twenty-year-old defender this summer, for 75 million euro, what happened to Ajax, admits he is still getting used to Italian football, and that he was in his early days, even with a lack of confidence on the deal.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned so far in The competition, it is your self-confidence must be it”, said The Is Monday, on THE university Campus in the Country. “I’ve noticed, in the beginning, to me there is a lot of work in order not to make mistakes. That should, of course, you are correct, never do this. I have never played this game. That was the focus in the first few weeks, too.”

“After the match against Atlético Madrid and I have, as it were, to the order of set up. I have to go with self-confidence on the pitch. Then there might be something wrong, but I do know for sure is that it is in any way better off than they were before. Since then, the upward trend in use.”

However, she’s Is a Sunday, so the negative lead in the top of The serie a champions on a visit to The club-1 or 2-win). And he caused it to be a 0 to 1 state for a penalty kick after a somewhat unfortunate handsbal, and also in the rest of the game is hard up against the strikers Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez.

“The criticism is that, after the expiration given, it ought to be. Unfortunately, this is the life of a model. You’re balancing on such a thin strap, or you are right or wrong. I was, of course, also do not kick away, but eventually we won, though, and that is what it is”, The Is sober among all of the stories in the Italian media.

“I’m here now, unlike in the previous interlandperiode. I had only one game is played for Juventus, against Napoli, and that was it for me, personally, that’s not very nice. After the match with Estonia, the majority of the matches just played, so you can conclude that I am used to. However, it should still be able to do it better.”

This Is to fall into the arms of his team-mate of Gonzalo Higuaín at the Top. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘I was on a diet had to be that of Sarri is indeed a wild story,

The hotel is Located looks very far from what is written on it. He smiled when he was found in an Italian newspaper, and read – he has several times a week for Italian lessons, and there’s already a pretty good word to mean that he and his coach Mauricio Sarri on a diet because it is too thick, it would have been.

“Ha, ha, that’s a really wild story. No, it’s amazing to me that there is not more out of it. Sometimes, I think of this: what do you mean that? I have to give myself a good game to be played, but that is apparently not good enough for him. But hey, that would be opinion. I need to know about myself and what I am doing wrong, and I know that dondersgoed.”

The hotel is Located does not care about the words of Sarri, who, to him, indeed, a “phenomenal,” the defender said, but then added that he was the serious knee injury to Giorgio Chiellini, who is still at least a few months off, the faster it had to be brought in than originally planned.

“I don’t understand it well. Any player that is new to the club, take the time to get it in order to be able to settle in to the team. They did it with Chiellini and Bonucci, two great defenders. The idea behind it was to keep me quiet, to fit in. This is not the case though). Of course, it is nice to hear that I can play on it, but you’re now thrown in at the deep. To me, this is a really great opportunity.”

The hotel is Located is to may, however, be a crucial week in the Dutch national team. The team of the coach Ronald Koeman will play on Thursday and Sunday, respectively the North of the netherlands (in Rotterdam, the netherlands) and in belarus (in Minsk) and it can be a huge step forward for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS next year.

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