The Home invasion suspect who was thwarted by 11-year-old is on the loose after walking out of the hospital

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Authorities in North Carolina are searching for a suspect who walked into a hospital on Friday night after an 11-year-old hit him in the head with a machete, in a foiled home invasion.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, said on Facebook that the 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall, went to UNC Chapel Hill Hospital “against medical advice” shortly before 8 o’clock in Hall, and was admitted to the hospital for treatment of a head injury for about 1 hour, in the first instance, to the UNC Hillsborough hospital, before being transferred to the Chapel Hill facility due to the severity of his injury.

“Our company is deeply concerned about the events in this case,” Chief Deputy Sykes said in a statement on Sunday. “Immediately, we will institute policy changes that will be necessary in order to protect the public in situations such as this. I think you should ask to be informed before the Hall of the performance.”


Hall, who is 6 feet tall and weighs about 135 pounds, had his head wrapped in a bandage as he walked out of the hospital with a cup of water, police said.

The authorities in North Carolina have been on the search for the 19-year-old Jataveon Dashawn Hall , who walked out of the hospital on a Friday night, where he was being treated for head wounds.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

The sheriff’s office said they were alerted when a 19-year-old initially arrived at the hospital, but did not have the legal authority to take him into custody at the same time, it’s just a guess. By that afternoon, he said that the police have sufficient information, it was established in order to search for warrants for burglary and domestic abuse.

The delegates were going to be at the hospital at the time of his dismissal, and the taking of the Hall, in a pre-trial detention, but was told early Saturday morning that the 19-year-old was actually from the night before.

The sheriff’s office said that the Hall was to be a nurse, that he had to leave because the police are going to be on the lookout for him.”

“When, in the Hall of the hospital on Friday evening, against medical advice, and we will be sure to be logged in. However, the most worrying is that the hospital and the police did not know Hall had to leave the building for almost 10 hours on it,” Sykes said. “It’s true, Hall’s absence was only discovered when we placed a call to one of them.”


UNC Health care, said in a statement that the defendant was not subject to the charge, while in the hospital and in the emergency department.

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“The patient was admitted to the ED, but it was in the legal custody of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, which do not put an officer in with him,” the organization told The News & Observer. “In similar situations, the hospital staff will alert law enforcement personnel when a suspected patient has been discharged, but they will continue to be the legal responsibility of the enforcement of the law.”

The sheriff’s office said, the hospital, the police department was notified of the warrants have been issued, and they were asked to make a call to the office prior to the Hall’s empty.

“In the scheme of all of our law enforcement agencies have had with the hospital and the police to ensure the ultimate arrest of the suspect after the suspect receives medical care has been in place for a few years now,” Sally said. “I can’t remember a time when it has failed.”


Authorities say that the Room was one of the intruders who broke into the house, but on Friday, it was rushed, and when the 11-year-old boy caught in the blood with the machete. As a woman, and as a second-in-command, provided that the holiday-a vehicle for each of the three invaders, and drove away.

The boy’s aunt, Ashley, Matthew, told WTVD on Saturday she was deeply shocked by the news that the house was gone.

“Who is responsible? Those who need to be there for him to look at? That is, there must be outside of the emergency department? Who is responsible for allowing this criminal to go to UNC to talk.” she told the tv station. “We would like to know who it is, and we want someone else to take responsibility.”

UNC Health care, said that staff is working with the sheriff’s office is offering assistance in this matter.” Anyone with information on Hall’s whereabouts is asked to contact the sheriff’s office in the 919-245-2900.

Fox News’ Vandana Rambaran, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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