The hidden island was discovered on the Antarctic continent after the retreat of the glaciers, to reveal to its bank

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As a Southern island that was once hidden is brought to light, after the retreating of glaciers due to high temperatures, isn’t just about the coast.

Polar researchers are of the of the Thwaites and Offshore Research (THOR) project, the island, when the ship passed through the area. Thwaites glacier, which is also known as the “Doomsday glacier, which is one of the fastest-receding glaciers in the Antarctic.

The island, with an estimated 634,000-square-meter, or about the size of the united kingdom in Windsor Castle, made of granite, and it has been buried under thick layers of ice.

“The first time visitor, we can now confirm that you want the Island is made of granite and it is covered by the remainder of the ice shelf, and a couple of the way,” by Julia Smith-Wellner of the THOR expedition team, told The Daily Mail.


The new island is called you want to by the researchers in the field.

“This island could be, there are a lot of indications,” at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville glacial geologist Tom Simkins told Nature News. “The quick rebound could be to increase the taxes on the other hand, sea ice cover, causing it to break apart more quickly.”

The researchers want to gain a better understanding of the island and how it came to be discovered by the time their journey ends at the end of March.

“However, there is a rising continental shelf, was also at anchor in the glaciers, increasing their stability, and to slow down their march to the sea,” Simkins added.

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