The heaviest rainy season in 25 years, claiming more than 1,600 lives in India

In India, as of June this year, more than sixteen hundred people have died as a result of the heavy rains and floods, the show on Tuesday, new figures from the local government. It’s going to be the heaviest monsoon season in 25 years.

In the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar was the largest number of deaths. The majority of people have been killed due to poorly constructed walls and crumbling buildings, and inform the local authorities.

The rainy season lasts this year it is expected to be a month, a little longer than usual, and does not end until the beginning of October. Normally, it takes in the monsoon season, from early June until the end of september.

Since June, it has been over 10 per cent more rain than the average for the last five years.

Experts say that India is lacking when it comes to the ability to predict and prevent flooding. All the while, the risk of flooding in the country over the past few decades has increased due to deforestation, lack of water and climate change.

People were walking on the 4th of september due to flood waters in the streets of Mumbai, the largest city in India. (Photo: Getty Images)

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