The heat and the wind to stir up the fierce forest fire in Portugal

High winds and temperatures of around 35°, it has been estimated that seventeen hundred firefighters will be difficult to get the fires under control in the middle of Portugal, approximately 140 km north-east of the city of Lisbon.

Local media reported that the fires around the Vila de Rei and around, Mação and thirty people were injured.

Nine of the wounded had to be transferred to the hospital. One of them is in serious burns and is in a deplorable condition for money transfer.

A fire at the Vila de Rei and extends to a depth of 25 km. Several villages have been evacuated. The Minister of Interior, mr. Eduardo Cabrita reason to suspect that there may have been a malicious act.


Fire-fighting planes fighting natural fires in Portugal

Ten people were injured

Saturday came almost at the same time, five forest fires at different places. The fire department has fourteen aircraft are being deployed, and will get help from the army.

Twenty people were injured so far. The police have found a man is arrested on suspicion of arson.

Fires are raging in the same region, where by 2017, more than sixty people were killed as a result of the fire.

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