The Hackers hijacked the DC’s, security camera’s, and just before Trump’s request-report

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Day for Donald Trump, the presidential inauguration, a few hackers have managed to take control of Washington’s surveillance programs.

A report in The Wall Street Journal examines how the “hacking” Very Isvanca and Evelyn Cismaru, accomplished this feat, and what ultimately led up to the shooting. It paints them as a pretty unlucky team.

To quote a friend of the couple, along with the united states, and the Romanian authorities, the publication characterizes their relationship as “a sometimes playful, sometimes stormy, partnership, and said that they will have the money via identity theft, credit card fraud and ransomware attacks.

The hackers apparently did not even try to get the D. C. police and the cameras, but they were taking a pause following the sending of an e-mail message to a list of addresses to which they had been purchased on the dark web — is one of the e-mail address that is connected to the district’s police department.


The US President-elect when He comes to the ceremony of the inauguration swearing at him for the 45th president of the United States of america.


The Magazine reports that they have finally taken control of 128 out of 186 of the D. C. of police, the computers that controlled the security cameras.

Isvanca and Cismaru and were not in the best of the cybercriminal mind, it will now be shown.

Isvanca allegedly ordered a pizza with the same e-mail address he used for hacking into computers at the time. The couple also used the same hacked the police computer, which is in a separate Amazon scam. After they have bought a barbecue unit, with the tracking number on the police computer, and it has helped the authorities to identify and raid the packet to the destination.

The rest of the details can be read in full here.

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