The gut feeling of The Bony King of Nowhere: “No idea why the song is there to come to a standstill’

After a marital breakdown and a couple of cold winters is Bram Vanparys’s home when The Bony King of Nowhere, with a new single and album. Where Bony King remained? “I have not such a great explanation for it.”

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‘Muziekinterviews often about uninteresting things,” said Bram Vanparys, who was still a Bony King, three years ago in Knack Focus on his then still fresh plate Wild Flowers. Unless the musician in question have something to say, of course, and Vanparys has a story. He got a marital breakdown process – ‘Who has changed me as a person, the more he wants to not have lost – and returns for his new album Silent Days back to his old nom de plume The Bony King of Nowhere.

Vanparys with other words a bit of room for wider arrangements after two rather naked acoustic records, so. “I have not such a great explanation for. My gut instinct told me simply that it was the right choice. As soon as the bullet through the church, happened to me a strange feeling of coming home’, says Vanparys.

“My sign is Pisces, and Pisces have a well-developed gut instinct. I still need to better learn to listen to mine’, the singer-songwriter himself. It is also his intuition which enabled him, after the release of Wild Flowers did decide to have a piece of land in the Flemish Ardennes, to buy and to live there… in a caravan.

‘Even in the winter. A fairly intense experience so’, begins Vanparys after. “I lived with the idea that my artistic output better, we would come in a natural environment. It seemed to me like to really be in touch with my surroundings. You learn to live with little and attaches itself less value on possessions.’

In the middle of the emotions

But Vanparys felt no Superman in his caravan. To his plate off to work he went to the studio of Koen Gisen in Ghent, together with a pack of shrewd musicians, among whom the fixed value and bassist Jasper Hautekiet (Guido Belcanto and An Pierlé), drummer Simon Segers (Absynthe Minded, De Beren Gieren), guitarist Filip Wauters (The Whodads), pianist Hendrik Lasure (Schntzl), elektronicatovenaar Milan ‘W.’ Warmoeskerken and harmonica player Steven De Bruyn.

The ideas that he in his temporary home experience, remained largely intact. “I make each song a demo, because I still in the middle of the emotions of the writing, and try as much as possible thereof in the plate process. That way I stay true to my ideas.’ The apparent fade-out in the middle of Every Road, the first single from the new record, comes from that first crude version. Again, that gut feeling, says Vanparys: ‘No idea why I feel the song had stop.’

Every Road evokes the clear image of an intersection in a deserted area, such as the American poet Robert Frost, the once described in his classic become The Road Not taken. His name cast turns out to be a good bet. “I’m a fan. Townes Van Zandt also’, Vanparys. ‘Frost has the strength to something very poetic to express in plain language. You’ll never get in him the feeling that you are not smart enough to understand. I myself am also a bit less metaphorical write. I have, by default, a bundle of poetry at your fingertips, but during the writing I read is rarely. I am but one thing working, from morning to evening.’

Silent Days is released in september on Unday Records.

Listen here first to get to Every Road, the new song from The Bony King of Nowhere.

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