The Gun camera? The police say that they will have a better video than bodycams

to connectVideoPolice departments to invest in a camera gun

Police departments across the country are increasing their use of video technology to capture a brighter image in the case of the officer concerned in the incident.

HIAWATHA, Iowa — Like many Americans, watched in horror as the protests broke out in Ferguson, Mo., after the Michael Brown police shooting, Brian Hedeen was forced to find a solution.

The people, he said, was unclear as to why the officer pulled the trigger and killed Brown — leading to weeks of unrest. That uncertainty led him to start a business, and that it leaves the audience with some clarity. His company, Viridian Weapon technology in Minneapolis, Minn. it is one of only two companies to offer a technology that places a camera on a police officer’s gun — rather than the body.

Hedeen, and other proponents of the new technology, say, gun-mounted cameras provide a better image of the police to shoot and are more accurate than the body-worn cameras.

“Body-worn cameras are really good, but there are a few restrictions,” said the Hiawatha police chief Dennis marks, which have recently begun to use a gun-mounted video cameras in the department. “There are a variety of places, which the officers wear the cameras, and the problem with that is, during a critical incident when a weapon is involved, the gun is potentially going to be the bar.”

However, the technology is now being used in police departments in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, and Iowa — has come to review by the civil libertarians who are concerned that they are less expensive, they will be able, eventually, to replace the body cameras, which are capturing an image. The gun camera that costs about $500, and a minimum of 5 to 10 per cent cheaper than a traditional body-cams.

In contrast, a bodycam, which is all the time, allow the cameras to start rolling as soon as the officers draw their service weapons from their holsters. So it will not be able to capture the images in the run-up to the shooting — but it does provide a clear view. The majority of police departments are using the technology to link it with the bodycams.

“The ultimate goal for all of us is to provide a non-biased video of a critical incident,” Marks said.


Police departments across the country are beginning to use a gun or a camera, such as this one from Viridian Weapons and Technologies, Minnesota, as a way to provide an unobstructed view, and at the moment the officer pulls his or her weapon.
(Fox News/Road Hicks)

Hedeen said the gun-cams are convenient and affordable for cash-strapped police department.

“Bodycams end up costing a lot of money due to all of the data that is generated needs to be stored and processed. The departments are usually required to hire staff to manage it,” Hedeen said. “Our product is a fraction of the data, as it will only be included when the pistol out of the holster, so it is very easy for them [the police] to deploy and manage.”

But that is exactly what has been signed is concerned.

“The Gun camera is not a substitute for the body cameras,” said Kyle Middlebrooks, president of the NAACP chapter in Des Moines, Iowa. “If we’re using that as the information in a very case as a whole, you will miss everything that has led up to the incident.”

Most of bodycams, she said to keep police officers accountable and has led to many of the officers to change their behavior when they are interacting with the public. Hedeen said he thinks that the gun can be another tool for law enforcement.

Police departments across the country, with a gun-camera, like this one from Viridian Weapons and Technologies in Minnesota. The company has confirmed it has members in Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa.
(Fox News)

To Mark the Hiawatha chief of police, and that he believed that the gun camera will be used as a key component in the use-of-force incidents.

“I think this is the last step to take, you know, now is a good time to get in front of you, the video you’re looking for,” he said. “It seems to me that this is the last piece of the puzzle.”

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