The grape-harvest, the time of the year. Be there

At the end of August, beginning of september starts the Bordelese winemaker restless. The grape-harvest is just around the corner.

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In general, to gain the vintage is somewhere between late August and mid-October. In the bordeaux region is the date of harvest is usually around mid-september. The Bordelese winemaker should certainly not despair. He is in the choice of the ideal harvesting time is not left to its fate.

100 days

The exact start date of the vintage each department decides on the very expert advice of associations that the producers represent. Is the advice, then announces the prefect of the region of the start date. In principle, the grapes mature about 100 days after the first flower. This is only an average, and a lot depends on the climate in which the involves are able to ripen and the soil characteristics. Also the type of wine that one wishes to brew will determine when exactly the grape is plucked or should be. Certain liqueur wines ask, after all, a longer ripening period.

Engage you for the grape-harvest

For those who still just wants to get away from is the period of the harvest is an absolute must. Whether you are going for the classic holiday of tasting and driving around. Or you can do something special and chose to be themselves, to take part in the grape picking. An experience without equal. You are standing very close to the nature, meet people of all sorts and lot to know about the production of wine.

The winemakers take every year for about 14 days, a large number of seasonal workers employed for the harvest. Are there no requirements are set. You should only have to be over 16, a certain level of physical fitness. Preferably you are also in possession of a car. The bus serves the vineyards, after all, hardly. Interested? Take a look at the website or

Those who prefer not to two weeks under the grapes, you can also just opt for a earlier tourist day vintage. You need to inform, for example, in Lesson Médocaines.

Vintage 2012

In contrast to 2011, production in 2012 is slightly lower. According to a recent estimate the total production for 2012 of 5.65 hectolitres beaches. In 2011 was on 6,19 hl. A decrease of 9 percent. A lower volume does not mean however that the quality of the wine would be lower. On the contrary. The best vintages are often the ones where the winemakers a little bit of volume to lose. The road to a great vintage is so open. Fingers crossed!

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