The gin-tonictrends of the time

There is good news and there’s better news. We start with the good news: gin and tonic is more than a hype. The better news: your favorite drink is grown. This is how to get the ideal aperitif now the best drink.

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Do you know when you make your first gin and tonic you have drunk? No? We also do not, as long as we keep all of the cocktail. Critics claimed that the massive love for the drink, a hype that would soon blow over, but that speaks expert in mixology Ben Belmans. “100 years ago was the ginmarkt much larger than it is today. So there is still growth potential and the hype is certainly still not quenched. But the way we of the cocktail will enjoy, is going to change.”

1. More gins

We are with the frequency of the clock to the ears smitten with the new gins, and that will not change. We already have quite some experiments see it pass, like many of Belgian gins or gin that has been aged in barrels where whiskey was and therefore that specific flavor has taken over. Belmans suspect that producers only have to proceed with their experiments.

2. Better tonic

A cocktail is only as good as the weakest ingredient. Until now we were so massively on the lookout for the best gin, but it was the mengdrank too often lost sight of. By the emergence of increasingly complex and aromatischere gins, do today also associated tonics their appearance. Erasmus Bond is, for example, a Belgian brand that has complex flavors like citrus or bitterness let take precedence over sweet. Even without the gin excellent to be sneezed at.

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3. Way with trinkets

If you already have two good products, why would you want glass still feeding with other knick-knacks? Today, the cucumber, rosemary, berries, and flowers more and more away from your glass. (And also, therefore, out of your mouth, because there ended that send or download nasty stuff eventually always.) Just like in the kitchen, we go into our glass back to basics.

4. Natural flavors

We propose pure flavors more and more on price. Bitter is, for example, more and more appreciated and, therefore, are tonics less sweet. A sweet tonic suppressed-namely the natural flavors of gin, while that spicy complexity and just plenty of blooms in our glass.

5. Other mixed drinks

Bartender Ben Belmans is firmly convinced that we are still some gin will continue to drink, but also that we variations will continue to think of. The twinkle in his eye flames when he was but think about the infinite possibilities. His most plausible guess? The replacement of the tonic by a other mixed drinks. And he looks long-term to the increasingly popular ginger beer. One thing is for sure: the gin and tonic will not immediately of the menus to be banned.


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