The French police are close to improvised migrantenkampen in Paris

The Parisian police, on Thursday, a day after the tightening of French immigration policy, two of the migrantenkampen development. Of the sixteen hundred people are the bus were transported to various evacuation centers.

The migrants are living in makeshift camps along highways in the northern part of the capital city. “This is a kind of plant along the side of the road or other public place in Paris, will no longer tolerate it,” says the local police chief Didier Lallement.

The evacuation of the residents went smoothly and without incident. Among them are the ‘status athletes’ that are not due to to the authorities, and offered homes to stay, and migrants whose applications for asylum have been rejected. For the latter group, the country has yet to leave.

Migrants often go to Paris after the closing of the ‘jungle’

By the end of 2016, the big migrantenkamp in Calais will be closed. The residents worked from that port for the crossing to England, often in trucks that were heading to the ferry terminal to the climbing wall. After the closure of ‘the jungle’, more and more migrants to Paris.

The Paris authorities have on several occasions attempts have been made to the camps, but it went into hiding for several months after the evacuation again. In order to prevent this from happening again, the police in the coming months, additional monitoring at the end of the evacuations Thursday were taking place.

Prime minister, Edouard Philippe, left on Wednesday to know, the immigrant policy is to apply, which is the closure of the camps, and in Paris, as a result of it. Also, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the French to get it and get it to adult migrants, only three months later, it will have access to free health care.


Of migrants to leave makeshift camps in Paris and after the closing of the


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