The French parliament is discussing pensions act, including a 41,000 amendments

The French parliament is examining as of Monday, the pensioenhervormingsplannen of the president and Emmanuel Macron. The discussions may take some time, because of the opposition, has no less than 41.000 tabled a series of amendments.

It is expected that it will be a marathonvergadering is going to be. The goal is to keep the parliament on march 3 to vote, but now all of that is taken into account that this is a week later.

The pension reforms in France have led to many protests, in which tens of thousands of people take to the streets and the public transport system is often silent, it came to be. In december and January, the Paris metro, and 46 days of no driving. Also on Monday, there were, at the premises of the national Assembly and protests, and some demonstrators were arrested.

The current French pension system dates back to the period just after the Second world War, and it is very hard to modernise. The Macron proposed a universal pension system,” it calls, among the French people, many said. The new pension system will be in the 42 to a special pension schemes, have been abolished and subsumed under a single scheme. The legal age of retirement rises with a 62-to 64-year-olds.

Because of the Macron in the past, under pressure to make some changes to the plans it has in place, and the few French people even understand what the plan exactly is involved.

68VideoPolitie seize hard, not to protest against French pension reform

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