The four-day prison sentence for intimidation of a writer, and a columnist Özcan Akyol

The 31-year-old man from Amersfoort in the netherlands, who in march was arrested because he was a writer and columnist Özcan Akyol offended by Facebook, it has a sentence given by a four-day, says RTV Oost.

As he has been for four days in pre-trial detention was, you can’t go back to the cell. The public prosecutor’s office had a community service of sixty hours is required, including thirty hours of probation.

The Amersfoorter was convicted of contempt of Akyol. The first instance court found no evidence that he Akyol is also threatened.

The man said during the hearing that he was no longer aware of what he was saying and then type it as he was angry. “I just wanted to give my opinion but used the wrong words.”

He also said that he felt hurt and discriminated against, it feels like it’s going to be about islam and Moroccans in the netherlands. “It makes me angry.” In his own words, he is now stopped, and, with social media as well as his impulsivity under control.

Akyol is frequently threatened, and always report it. “I am very curious to see how far someone can go in to insult and attack a writer because of his views, said he was against The Stentor. “In that respect, I think that the decision of the court in this case is very interesting.”

Yes, friends, be careful with social media. Before you know it, you will have a criminal record.

AvatarAuteurOzcanAkyolMoment of plaatsen10:may 11 – August 20, 2019

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