The founder, and lyricist of the Village People, died of

Henri Belolo, the company’s founder and song writer of the discogroep the Village People, Monday, 82-year-old, the age of the deceased, report the French media on Tuesday. He wrote, among others, the well-known hit single and a GREAT.

The Morocco-born producer who began his career as a dj in a club. In the mid-sixties, he worked in Paris, france. In the early seventies, he moved Belolo, to the United States of america. There he met Jacques Morali know who he was, songs he produced for the band The Ritchie Family.

In 1978, they set up the group, Village People. The discogroep consisted of men who had dressed as a policeman, biker, soldier, indian, cowboy, and construction worker. In addition to GREAT, it was Belolo, in co-operation with the 1991 death of Morali has also been responsible for such hits as In The Navy, Macho Man and Go West. This song was the Pet Shop Boys performed.

Well-founded Belolo, the record company Scorpio Music, which is, among others, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and Hardwell are under contract.


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