The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine: “I needed to get away after you press the Home’

The Us president, Donald Trump would be months and months of pressure exerted on the ministry of Foreign Affairs to the American ambassador to the Ukraine market. That said, the now ex-ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on Friday against members of the U.s. congress for research into a possible impeachment process to get Trump out of the White House.

Yovanovitch was in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, and in may, leaving with the next plane” and then her post is deleted. She was on her back nine to be told that, even though they don’t have anything wrong had been done, and the president’s trust and confidence in her was lost. He persisted for months in her job. And that she told him on Friday behind closed doors, but in her opening statement, it is in the hands of The new york times.

Yovanovitch acknowledged the fact that they were in the months prior to her dismissal, was being criticized by the Trumps privéadvocaat Rudy Giuliani. Who accused her of speaking evil about the president, and to the protection of the interests of the former vice-president, Joe Biden, and his son, who is a Ukrainian company is working on. The former ambassador, has made these allegations have always been denied.

The afzettingsonderzoek is a phone call Home on the 25th of July with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. As a bell ringer, probably an employee of an American intelligence officer – complained about the call.

He asked Zelensky, an investigation into one of his rivals for the Democratic presidential candidate, Biden. As the vice-president for inter Trumps the predecessor of Barack Obama, it was Biden in 2016, and is involved in international efforts to create a corruption suspect in the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office to dismiss them.


He would risk dismissal, as the president, this is how it works, the procedure

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He and the Congress are on the brink of war due to afzettingsonderzoek


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