The former Tunisian president Ben Ali, at the age of 83 and died

Former president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, will take place on Thursday in the United arab Emirates at the age of 83 has died. According to his lawyer, the former head of state falls seriously ill. Ben Ali had been president from 1987 until 2011 it was switched off.

Ben Ali was the president of the first Tunisian president, Habib Bourguiba, with a bloodless coup d’etat, and to him, are unsuitable to declare it. He won the subsequent election by a wide margin.

During the elections, which were suppressed by the other political parties. Amnesty International has accused him of corruption in the legislative and presidential elections.

His reign lasted until the year of 2011. He stepped down when forced down and fled to Saudi Arabia because of huge protests against his rule. Protests in Tunisia can be seen as the beginning of the Arab Spring, a period of time in which the peoples of several Arab countries, with large public protests against their own leaders, they returned.

Ben Ali should be buried in Tunisia.

In January of 2011 and moved to Ben Ali, are under pressure from the protests, to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The tunisian courts sentenced him in absentia to twenty years in prison for incitement to violence and murder. Since then, he has been no more seen in public.

Prime minister Youssef Chahed, from Tunisia, said last week that the Ben Ali, under the terms and conditions should return to his own country as he was seriously ill. He was also with the family of Ben Ali’s permission to him to Tunisia to be buried there.

Last Sunday there were elections in Germany. Which were won by two new entrants in the Tunisian political arena. It was during the presidency of Ben Ali-are still to be difficult or impossible.

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