The former Home adviser in Stone and is guilty of impeding investigation

Roger Stone, former advisor to the U.s. president and Donald Trump, it is Friday afternoon, were found guilty of obstructing the course of justice in the Ruslandonderzoek. He faced a long prison sentence, but according to The New York Times, and it is not yet clear how long Stone is under lock and key, it disappears. That can be seen in the month of February.

That the old friend He was found guilty of seven criminal offences, which is at the expense have been established. The twelve piece the jury consider it proven, that the Stone five times to false statements made to a witness is affected thereby, for the proceedings below.

As a friend, and several campaigners from the Us president at the Stone witnessed.

One of them, the deputy campaign chairman, and Rick Gates at the campaign team of the Home, it would have proved that the Stone played a role in the possible cooperation between the Trumps campaign team, and WikiLeaks.

The klokkenluidersorganisatie, published in the run-up to the election, thousands of stolen internal e-mails from the Democratic y. The Stone would make of the WikiLeaks publications that He talked about, but did not deny that statement.

Stone: “This is a judgment that can no one care

Stone, and heard the verdict unmoved, to. “This decision is no one’s shackles,” said Stone.

The former adviser, and after the Gates, a former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, an ex-lawyer and campagnemedewerker, Michael Cohen, and campagneadviseur, Michael Papadopoulos, the next person Trumps campaign team in the Ruslandonderzoek has been sentenced by the court.

It was in march this year concluded the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. He was appointed to the role of the Russian government and the presidential election in 2016 will have to investigate. According to Mueller, has Russia, “and the overwhelming and systematic manner,” had an impact, but there is not sufficient evidence for a collaboration between the campaign team of the Home and the Russians.

He responded, indignant through the use of Twitter in the judgment of the School. “So, now that they have Roger Stone was convicted and sentenced for lying and wanting him in jail again.” And he wonders why his former political opponent, Hillary Clinton, or the special prosecutor, Mueller also is not behind the bars should disappear.

He called the ruling “a double-standard that has never before been seen in our country.”

….A double standard is like never seen before in the history of our Country?

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