The five deaths caused by flooding after the severe weather in the South-east of Spain

The two days of the floods, caused by torrential rain in the south-east of Spain, and have so far to five deaths resulted. About 3,500 people located in the regions of Valencia, Murcia and Eastern Andalusia have been evacuated. Never noticed it in an area with a lot of rain in the month of september.

Due to the floods, the road, rail and air traffic, the flat is to be placed. Between Valencia and Alicante are in the houses, streets and roadways flooded. Click the images to see how the enormous water masses through the towns rush by.

The emergency services had to include them in order to the people from the flooded tunnels and to freedom. Some of these tunnels were in the tunnel lighting has been filled with water. In other places, should the search and rescue people in their own cars to pick up.

Five people were in the storm’s fate. A man was on Friday found dead in the province of Granada, after having the car on the highway had been swept away by the water, and another man died when he flooded the tunnel and tried to drive away.

On Thursday, it became a brother and a sister to their car in the raging water and was swept away. On Friday, a fifth person is due to the bad weather in Spain. The body of a man was found in the village of Redovan, Valencia, after having earlier in the day, missing in action, was given.


A huge mass of water hurtling through the Spanish streets

The tourists stuck at the airport in Alicante

In the hard-hit areas, a total of 74 of the roads closed off, like the rest of the rail network and the airport of Murcia. Also, the rail link between the cities of Alicante and Madrid, and in Barcelona in it is useless, the Spanish minister of Home Affairs know about it.

In addition, they had about two thousand inhabitants of the houses in the village of Santomera, in the Murcia leaving because of a dam on the verge of overflowing. The authorities had checked the water drain to release the pressure on the dam to relieve it.

Meanwhile, it can be a lot of tourists at the airport in Alicante is not the way, because a lot of flights have been canceled or delayed because of bad weather.

For the next few days, there will be less rainfall expected in the South-east of Spain. The local authorities will warn you, however, that the rivers are still flooded. They suggest that citizens are, therefore, in order to remain at home and to not have to use it.

Authorities checked the water drain to release the pressure on the dam from Santomera to the light. (Photo: Reuters)

Stranded passengers at the airport in Alicante. (Photo: Reuters)


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