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Tennessee, Sr., Marsha Blackburn weighs in on the fallout from the IG report to the FISA abuse.

Earlier this month, the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) ordered to re the FBI-check all previous warrant applications, with the FBI lawyer, the fake evidence against the former trump campaign aide Carter page. But Fox News has learned that the court assure it is not, check to the FBI to applications, the with other officials, the button, omissions, and errors in applications guarantee bureau sought to monitor page.

The FISC non-compliance with the requirement of a comprehensive evaluation of the submissions, stunned court observers, the question of whether enough is done to deter future behavior of the FBI. In the past, the FISC has gone so far as to ban some of the FBI agents appears before the court after the determination of impropriety.

In response to Department of justice inspector General Michael Horowitz of the long-awaited report into the FBI’s surveillance abuse, released earlier this month, FBI Director, Christopher Wray has claimed that the Agency “includes the need for thought-out, meaningful remedial action to take.” Congressional Republicans, however, are not convinced that the Bureau, to solve the problem on its own.

“The deceptive actions of a few high-ranking officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice, public confidence in our Federal institutions,” Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, erodes the beginning of this month, said as he a bill for the reform of the FISC in response to the Horowitz report. “You flattened internal guidelines, misled the FISA court, and irreparably damaged the reputation of an innocent American.”

Horowitz found specific evidence of omissions and errors by several top FBI employees, as they sought to get a warrant to page guards, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). For example, an unidentified FBI supervisory special agent (SSA) mentioned in the IG report, was responsible for ensuring that the office of “woods procedures” were followed in the guarantee application.

In accordance with the procedures, factual statements must be independently verified, and the information to contradict these claims must be submitted to the court. But Horowitz found several cases in which the procedures were not followed.

The former trump adviser to Carter page. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Horowitz’s report leaves little doubt that the unnamed SSA Joe Pientka — is a current office-employee. (The FBI has requested that Fox News not name Pientka, or each agent in a sensitive position.)

The inspector General also noted, as an unnamed “case Agent 1” was a warrant “primarily responsible” for some of the “most important” errors and omissions in FISA applications and renewal FISC filed to extend the monitoring of the page.

Nevertheless, FISC presiding judge Rosemary Collyer, the FBI ordered only to realize “all of the other matters mentioned, currently, or formerly, before this court, with the participation of the FBI-OGC [Office of General Counsel] attorney”, in Horowitz’s report.

In addition, new York times, the FBI “ordered all the steps that have been taken or to be taken describe by the Department of Justice or the FBI to verify that the United States’ contributions in these questions fully described and comprising the essential facts and circumstances,” and to advise whether the lawyer has been the behavior “of the appropriate bar association(s) for the investigation or for possible disciplinary action.

These were obvious references to the ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, to have the Horowitz found, doctored you an E-Mail from the CIA. The FBI reached the CIA and other intelligence agencies information on the page; the CIA responded in an E-Mail by the FBI, the site had reported contacts with Russians from 2008 to 2013, but the sheet had, for the CIA and was a CIA operative contact and information on the Russian business and intelligence interests.


Clinesmith then, allegedly, the CIA manipulated the E-Mail on the page, to make it seem as if the Agency had said only that the page is not an active source. And the FBI contain a page for the contacts with the Russians in the warrant, on request, as proof that he was a foreign “agent”, and that the secret surveillance court, the site was voluntarily working with the CIA on foreign contacts.

Collyer has separately sought updates from the FBI about the details in the IG report, but ordered a re-examination of the other FISA applications, which are reviewed previously.

However, the details in the IG report show that the distribution of behavior of ill in the FISA process extended far beyond Clinesmith.

The unnamed “SSA-1” was given in the IG report, a control role in the Russia investigation, the monitoring agent and reported directly as anti-Trump FBI fired agent Peter Strzok. The special agent created the electronic sub-file to which the reports of ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele would be uploaded. According to Horowitz, these reports were used to support the probable cause in the side of FISA applications.

Then, on Sept. 23, 2016, Yahoo News published an article about the US government’s efforts to determine whether the page was in communication with Kremlin officials. The article seemed to closely track information from one of the Steeles reports. As a result, an FBI agent, who reports the case, SSA 1 Steele, the source was believed, according to Horowitz.


SSA-1, apparently, the same thoughts, like his notes from a meeting on Sept. 30, 2016, said: “questions — reports recognized Yahoo News”. On the question of Horowitz ‘ s office, the agent said that he was worried-but not sure -that Steele was the Yahoo-News-source.

The designs for the page FISA application, however, tell a different story. Horowitz found that up to Oct. 14, 2016, drafts state that Steele was responsible for the leak led to a Yahoo News article. A draft expressly States that Steele “was, in his/her own will, and has since been admonished by the FBI.”


These claims, which could have pointed out that political motivations for Steele, his information to the public weeks before the 2016 presidential elections, were amended as follows: hired Steele’s “business associate, or the lawyer’s firm that the business partner is likely to be, provided this information to the press.”

Horowitz found no facts in this assessment are based.

Oct. 11, 2016, Steele met with then-foreign Ministry, Jonathan Winer, Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Kavalec. Steele informed Kavalec, that the warden of a Russian cyber-hacking operations targeting the 2016 US elections, the payment of the guilty, of the “Russian Consulate in Miami were.” Kavalec later, the FBI met-liaison and explained to them that Russia does not have a Consulate in Miami. SSA-1 was about Steele’s false claim on Nov. 18, 2016, but the FISA court was never provided this information, according to the IG report.

In addition, SSA-1 was aware of the page, the denials, an FBI confidential human source (CHS) that he knew that the Russian officers Igor Sechin and Igor Divyekin officials that Steele had alleged page, met in Moscow in July 2016 In fact, Horowitz found that SSA-1 “knew to know, October 17, the page always denied, Divyekin.”


“This inconsistency was also pointed out during the Woods process, the denials, CHS,” Horowitz wrote on the subsequent FISA renewal applications, and none of the three later FISA renewal of the applications page, refers to the FBI practice of reverifying the facts in its FISA application before the search for renewal.


SSA-1 was also responsible for “confirming that the timber, the file was complete and for the verification of the accuracy check to confirm that the file contain appropriate documentation for each of the factual allegations in the FISA application,” says Horowitz.

But Horowitz found “numerous” cases“ in which factual statements rely, in the first FISA application for Carter page were inaccurate, incomplete or not by means of the appropriate documents, based on information the FBI has in its possession at the time of submission of the application.”

In particular, the FBI, the FISC initiated by the assertion, that Steele is reporting “was confirmed and used in a criminal case.” Horowitz’s report found, there was no documentation to support this statement; SSA 1 said Horowitz, they “speculated.”

SSA-1 was also aware, according to Horowitz, that Steele had forwarded his information to the officials in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and he had a documentation, Steele had said, he made the team, the reports of his contacts in the Ministry of foreign Affairs In spite of this, the FISC was informed that Steele told the FBI he “only provided this information to the business partners and the FBI.”


Republican calls for more responsibility may not remain unanswered for long. Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham announced this month that he did not “agree” with the IG’s assessment that the FBI-probes were correctly predicted, highlighting Durham’s wider criminal law mandate and scope of the assessment.

Durham is the focus on foreign actors, as well as the CIA, while Horowitz his attention focused on the Ministry of justice and the FBI.

“On the basis of the evidence to date collected, and while our investigation is ongoing, the last month we have not advised the Inspector General that we agree with some of the report’s conclusions, predication, and as the FBI case was opened,” Durham said in his statement, adding that its “investigation is not only limited to the development of information from within the component parts of the justice Department, and added to, to develop the information from other persons and organizations, both in the U.S. and outside the U.S.”

Wilson Miller contributed to this report.

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