The first round of the presidential elections in Guatemala does not produce a winner at the

In the first round of the presidential elections were held in Guatemala, and has not a single candidate has a majority of the votes.

This is the reason why there will be a second round between the two candidates with the highest number of votes, who is Sandra Torres. The former wife of late gained about 20 per cent of the vote.

Alejandro Giammattei, and Edmund Mulet, compete, according to the exitpolls to the second position.

Torres seems to be a favorite for Jimmy Morales to do the same. Its primary commitment is to the fight on drug gangs. The increasing violence has been to a lot of people have a reason to be in Guatemala to escape from it.

A lot of immigrants move to the United States of america, and the country is in the anger of the American president when He is on the neck for a week.

The outgoing president, Morales has also promised to fight corruption, but it was found it was guilty of fraud. He was, therefore, not to be re-elected.

Favorite Sandra Torres results in a large media interest in her voice. ()


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