The first mass in the church of Notre-Dame cathedral, taken after the devastating fire

In the church of Notre-Dame is open for the first time, a mass, a cathedral in Paris, on the 15th of april, is partly destroyed by fire. The archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit held the office for thirty-priests, in a chapel behind the choir.

This is the chapel of the blessed Virgin was spared by the fire, large parts of the cathedral have been destroyed. “This is a reminder that the cathedral is still alive,” said Aupetit. “This is where the church of Notre-Dame was built.”

It was because of safety reasons, not to the faithful present at the mass, only the priest. They were required to wear protective headgear. It is not known when the first public mass to be held.

The building is in a poor state, and several walls and chunks of the roof are on the verge of collapse. Also, there is a lot of debris in and around the city.

By means of the donation is around 850 million euro to support the reconstruction of the building. In the meantime, it is 10 per cent of this amount was actually paid, according to the French government. The president of france Emmanuel Macron aims to be the Notre-Dame cathedral, within a period of five years to recover.


Priests hold mass, with helmets on the Notre-Dame


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