The first Dutch troops arrive in the Bahamas for the relief

A group of about twenty Dutch soldiers on Wednesday, starting with the navy vessel Zr. Ms. The Johan de Witt with the transport helicopters to the country, set in Colorado, one of the islands of the Bahamas, hard hit by the hurricane Hotel.

They have established contact with three of the already well-to-do military officers, local authorities and relief agencies to devise a plan for the provision of emergency aid to the islands.

The navy vessel Zr. Ms. Snellius arrived at 7: 00 a.m. (local time) in the affected area. The Johan de Witt, followed at 16: 00. A total of 550 the Dutch army, the navy, army, air force and marechaussee (military police) would come to an End has arrived.

“The first day was devoted to co-ordination,” says the commander of the Ad van de Sande of the mission. “The first military helicopter to the island, have flown to you to identify which of the people on the island are the most in need of it.”

“In addition, we are currently preparing our people and our aid to the country. Since we are going to be in the next few days to focus on.”


The Dutch navy will face the high waves due to hurricane Dorian

The military bring in water, food and medicine

A spokesman for the ministry of Defence said that the soldiers, inter alia, safe drinking water, sustainable food and medical supplies to the Bahamas will bring. Also, the medical staff of the armed forces can be deployed, and there are specialists who can help in the recovery process of the infrastructure.

The Johan de Witt is an amphibious transport ship. You don’t have to be a port, airport and a warehouse at the same time.

The Snellius is equipped with a sophisticated sonar to onderwaterschade, wrecks, and other obstructions in the future. This allows the ship to have a role to play in the re-opening of the ports in the Bahamas.

The bahamas have been hit hard by a hurricane Dorian

Storm Dorian, the island of Abaco in the ruins.
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People will drag to the assets which they have with them.
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Dorian held for nearly 48 hours and, incredibly, the house on the Bahamian islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.
© To The Red Cross

The storm has the boat land on the side.
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The two women, walking between the ruins through.
© Reuters

The Red Cross is on hand to noodpakketten.
© To The Red Cross

Large parts of Colorado are still under water caused by flash floods.
© To The Red Cross

From the air, the huge damage is evident on the island of Abaco.
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The authorities fear that some 2,500 of them

The Bahamian authorities were on Wednesday to know that around 2500 people are missing in action have been made. A number of people, according to the same authorities in the locations too. Thousands of Bahamanen currently reside in such a noodkampen.

The official death rate is set at five.


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