The finalists of Who is the Mole? known for: who is the saboteur?

Wie is de Mol? is going to be a very special final meeting: for the second time in the history of the program, there will be four contestants in the final round, it was Saturday night announced. Miljuschka Witzenhausen, Buddy Vedder, Rob Dekay and Nathan Rutjes all the Moles are. Ex-participants to share one more time who they have a suspicion.
Stine Jensen, a participant in the 2018

Stine Jensen was in the beginning of February, and after the delivery for four, yet it’s hard to say who the Mole was. At the time, she spread her suspicions to Nathan, Buddy and john Goossens, who in the episode five, the game had to be abandoned.

“I’m staying at Nathan’s. Because of his attitude and strange actions. And, as I would like it if he was doing it. If he is a candidate, it probably would be hungrier, and been, I think. Miljuschka was not an option, he is very good at acting.”

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Klaas van Kruistum in Mol 2016

In the interview with the said Klaas van Kruistum, after seeing episode six, is that he has this season, however, a very complicated thought. Even though everyone is suspicious was found, he would still Dekay have voted to be the Mole.

“The four finalists. Four! Hahaha, don’t do it, right? For me, it’s a close race between Nathan and Rob. Both of them are doing great. Nathan is my wensmol, but I do think that Rob and the Moles of 2020.”

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Inge Ipenburg – Mol, 2007

After the semi-final was an actress, Inge Ipenburg really enjoy it at the time, the participants found that their Mole, He in the Void, in any event, it couldn’t possibly be: she was the last of it for the final finish. Ipenburg suspicious of myself, Nathan, and robert.

“As for Nathan, the Mole is, is there a winner? Rob can also be the Mole, but I’m guessing still at Nathan’s. Miljuschka and a Buddy have been impossible, as He was sitting on both of them when they are out in the sky. Nathan is so-so.”

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Thomas Cammaert – Ldcs by 2017

Thomas Cammaert was the first of the old person which is was that the one Who is the Mole? -in the series. In the first episodes, it is actually spread out during the tests, but the actor was Claes Iversen is the most suspicious. It turned out there was next to sit down: the fashion designer fell off in the final episode of six off.

“My Mole is Rob. I’ve been a long time in the press tunnel, and I was quite comfortable in it. In the last two episodes, I’m still a bit of doubt about Nathan. But here I am again, sorry! Rob is the Mole. The three finalists are sitting on him, like Moles, and will only Rob suspects that Buddy and that I did not suspect. I think that is clearly a good candidate. The only logical solution is to Rob the Mole is. I think Buddy might be a winner for me. Or Miljuschka.”

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