The film festival of Rotterdam in 7 tips

Between 25 January and 5 February to open the Rotterdam film theatres their doors to the International Film Festival. The filmfestijn put both young blood and established creators in the spotlight in a varied program. We selected a few must-sees.

Sasha Lane in American Honey © /

A Bride for Rip van Winkle (Iwai Shunji, Japan)

In this film, a cynical sketch of contemporary loneliness, met the rather timid Japanese teacher-blogger, Nanami a man through the internet. The two get engaged, despite a lack of common interests. It soon becomes apparent that the young lady on a rather limited circle of family and friends, and she hires some actors to put her out of her social isolation to the rescue. Some time later, Nanami itself the role of nepfamilielid. Gradually the question arises as to what role people today in their lives, play.

American Honey (Andrea Arnold, USA)

American Honey tells the story of Star, a bored adolescent. She ends up at a flock of runaway young people, there is also a role for Shia Leboeuf , which tijdschriftverkopers through the United States. Her new life, there seems to be an of riotous partying, sex, fighting, and theft. Andrea Arnold‘s roadtriprelaas shows the life of the young American in the margin, and differs in a sobering way on the rich-teenager-wants-free-are-cliché.

Columbus (Kogonada, USA)

Casey, just graduated, unexpectedly, her future on the side, slide to her ex-drug addict mother to take care of. In the city of Columbus, she meets the much older Korean-American Jin, whose father is in a coma. The two close a friendship and blossom to open in each other’s presence. Through their becoming more in-depth discussions, Casey and Jin more and more in confrontation with their miserable way of life. Columbus is American, but winks visually to Asian visual compositions.

Demonios Tus Ojos (Pedro Aguilera, Spain/Colombia)

The young filmmaker Oliver recognizes in a pornovideo his handsome sister, Aurora. He decides to search, then the two are involved in a game of attention, see and be seen. Their reunion is not initially uncomfortable, but that changes when oliver’s camera the private life of Aurora enters.

Manifesto (Julian Rosefeldt, Australia/Germany)

Manifesto is a collection of thirteen related manifests, proclaimed by Cate Blanchett. The star actress portrays thirteen different characters, and awakens their artistic visions to life in an audiovisual collage. The film already played in some of the museums, and doing since the beginning of 2017 film festivals.

Quality Time (Daan Bakker, The Netherlands)

Daan Bakker‘s debut film shows how five in their thirties, often uncomfortable, and absurd way of dealing with life. Despite the Monty Pythoneske stories about schoonfamilies, time travel, and abductions by alien creatures, there is also place for emotion in this kneusjesrelaas.

66 Theaters (Philipp Hartmann, Germany)

Philip Hartmann showed one of his films in 66 German cinemas, and then on the basis of these sessions, a new creation from his sleeve shook. The result is 66 Theaters, a metafilm that is full of passion for the medium and at the same time a witness of any fear of what the future will bring. Theaters fear on the glorious way for the dominance of the blockbuster.

More info can be found on the website of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.

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