The fight between a Turkey and Hari is still to fight for world title

The fight between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari, on Saturday the 21st of december, it is still a fight for the world title in the heavyweight. At first, there was no official title for the game, in the Cut, but profbond Glory, has decided otherwise.

“All the fans were still clamoring for a titelgevecht. Therefore, we have decided to give the fans whatever it is to give them what they want: to be a world heavyweight championship,” says the New managing director Marshall Zelaznik on Friday in The guardian.

In the fight between a Turkey and a Sources, in december of 2016, the German-Oberhausen, there was no title on the line. Verhoeven won the fight, and after that, Hari, in the second round of league form.

The two kickboksers that were lost in October, at a press conference in Utrecht, to know that it was a prestigious battle, it felt like a long battle. “If I lose, I’m going to have absolutely no title to feel it,” said Verhoeven, at the time. He stressed that “raises the bar even higher, will be placed”.

In the case that Turkey has the world title in the heavyweight since June 2014 and is in possession of. He defended the belt before, with success, against Guto Innocente, Benjamin Adegbuyi (twice), Mladen Brestovac (twice), Errol Zimmerman, Anderson Silva and Jamal Ben Saddik.


Turkey: ‘Badr Hari is mentally on my level

Turkey continues to have no Glory

Moreover, it remains Consistent even longer, and New covenants, confirming that the Dutchman himself on Instagram. The world champion, who in recent months came to be linked with other kickboksorganisaties, a new multi-year contract with the profbond.

“Our hope is that we can be together in the kickbokssport to even greater heights and push forward,” said Zelaznik. In may it threatened the Turkey just yet, his contract extension, because he wanted the Glory for a rematch with the Sources should be organised.

“It is only when the battle has been planned, too, with a New extension to my contract. It’s as simple as that. I want to be the first at Badr to fight, and then get others to turn to,” he said when talking to the AD.

In the second game, between Turkey and the Sources are going to be Saturday, december 21 from 21: 00 to go in the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem, the netherlands. The fight will be five rounds to decide.


Sources: Rico, you will see how strong my bones are”


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