‘The fight against corruption is necessary in order to stop’

‘The fight against corruption is necessary in order to stop’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Terreurorganisaties such as Islamic State (IS) will continue to exist, as long as the systematic corruption that those recruits concerned is not addressed. That is the conclusion of a new report from Transparency International.

According to the report, The Big Spin of the anti-corruptiewaakhond remain western governments are blind to the effects of widespread corruption, especially in the Middle East, the recruitment of combatants by terrorist organizations.

Among other things presents itself as the solution for the corruption of the civil service in Iraq and Syria, to people, to art, and the growth of new fighters to promote.

“Corruption is a strijdoproep, a instaatsteller and an important modus operandi for,” said Katherine Dixon, director of Transparency International Defence and Security at the BBC. “That don’t understand undermines the attempts the rise of violent extremism to prevent it.”


“The international community is doing a lot of effort to the ‘ideology’ of groups such as IS to fight, in which they focus on the godsdienstretoriek that they produce,” said Dixon. “But the material conditions in which they thrive are completely ignored.”

From the research of Transparency International show that IS the in messages on social media often has about systematic corruption, such as nepotism and bribery. In addition, the group presents itself as a source of security, justice and prosperity. Also responds to feelings of discrimination that life in the sunni populations.


In addition, corruption sure that some warring parties are weakened. Transparency International calls as an example, the Iraqi army, which during the first campaign against IS-stronghold of Mosul. not enough soldiers available. Of the thousands of people on the payroll, only a fraction actually killed.

“Corruption is a threat to the security not only a way for the rich to their pockets to fill,” said Dixon. “By the public’s anger to feed and institutions to undermine and corrupt governments are responsible for their own veiligheidscrises.”

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