“The FIFA pushes football to the fraud’

FIFA prohibits the practice where players are owned by brokers and investment firms. In Sport/Voetbalmagazine condemns Jesse De Preter the ban: ‘This brings the football especially damage.’

Jesse De Preter condemns the TPO ban from FIFA. © BELGA

According to Jesse De Preter and Dirk Geuens of the advisory and management office Atticus Sports Management is the decision of the FIFA was a bad thing. De Preter: “All those white knights that TPO (Third y Ownership) no more want to ban, don” t know what they’re talking about. It is a flat rabble-rousing and utterly counterproductive measure. I am the first to advocate for sensible regulation of TPO, but the new FIFA ban is so simplistic that it is the business only makes matters worse and the sector as a whole in the direction of the fraud pushes.”

Geuens: “What people first had to do, was a thorough consultation starting with the clubs, the brokers and the funds. On that basis – but that takes a lot of time – they had the problem in a correct way in map. There circulate two studies in which the competent FIFA working group is loosely based, but with all due respect: that are prepared by economists and statisticians, and not by people who are in the daily realities of football. These reports are so incomplete that they are not really serious.”

De Preter: “Everyone pint on the scandals: investment funds which players to bind them against their will in a club and then profiteering binnenrijven over the back of clubs and players. Obviously that is outrageous and totally unacceptable. It is even worse when such structures are used for criminal money laundering. That are life-threatening practices. Only is the phenomenon of the TPO, countless times larger than that. What the FIFA is doing right now, is equal to half the pharmaceutical industry is exiting because a few shadowy figures amphetamines are producing in the attic. Would such a general prohibition, but something to fix the drug trade? Of course not: you are actually means that the phenomenon even deeper under the radar dive.”

Protest from Spain and Portugal

The Spanish and Portuguese prof league, resist and names topadvocaat Jean-Louis Dupont in the arm. He served on behalf of both leagues a complaint with the European Commission. Whatever the decision of the European Commission, the FIFA ban will TPO may not be eliminated.

Saw one in England after the TPO ban, a spectacular increase in the number of buy-out clauses in spelerscontracten. By such a clause can players from a certain threshold, as a free player register with a new club. De Preter: “Their economic rights will be for the full 100 percent, and against astronomical sums sold separately, but this time well outside the range of the by the FIFA used TMS system. The ban on TPO will consequently lead to new, more sophisticated ways of investing.”

“It is still preferable that the European Commission the ban quickly destroys and self-regulatory initiatives for the day. If not, it seems excluded that clubs like Valencia, Atlético Madrid and FC Porto, the battle still will be able to compete with the traditional powerhouses.”

Read the full story about the Third y Ownership in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of 24 June.

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