The festivalplaten of Zoey Hasselbank: ‘Never thought they would be in the Carré, which song would know’

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. This week explains hip-hop dj Zoey Hasselbank you why the new albums by Kanye West and A$ap Rocky now works on the dance floor.

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The dj: Sarah Moponami – Antwerp raised, Brussels based – played for many years, the hippest tracks by fellow dj’s, to realize that she still could run. If Zoey Hasselbank adorned them all on the poster of Wecandance and Summerfestival and she let the decks run in the Carré, The Villa, Bloody Louis and Club 69. Also abroad is slowly becoming of interest.

The set: Fire is Gold, 23 June, 17.00-18.00

The plate with which she warms up in the backstage

“No music for the set’, it sounds resolutely. “I am supernerveus and can barely sound treaties.’ In the car on the way to the club tolerates Hasselbank or some background music, ” but that should be soft. I have a playlist with rap and stairs and one with a more quiet music. Which I choose depends on my mood.’

The plate that they would like to open

Hasselbank has no fixed number to the flame in the pipe to hunt, but regularly, she gets Gasolina by Daddy Yankee above, a jam-reggaeton of the man behind Despacito. “A safe choice as I need to get.’

The plate that they already as the audience, difficult to get

But what if it fails and the audience a collective bad vibe day goes through? Must Candy Shop 50 Cent the furniture save. ‘You see the people thinking: “What is that already long ago!” Maybe it is just that sense of nostalgia that there is such a good song.’

The sing-along

Of course, invite the 50 Cents and Kanyes of this world, but also to sing along to, but by way of a quirky choice Hasselbank for My Neck My Back, a song by the American rapper Khia.

Of unexpected successes spoken, itself is Hasselbank ever amazed at how quickly a number created a sensation on the dance floor. “Last week I turned still in the Carré, and I played Praise The Lord from the new album of A$ap Rocky. Especially for myself actually, because I then wanted to hear, but suddenly I saw three or four people the whole text meerappen. Never thought that someone in the Carré, which number would know, especially since it was still only two weeks out.”

The grinding disk

When the mercury on the dance floor the height in may and Gasolina is already the beginning of this article, choose the dj for Coño of Adje, Puri and Jhorrmountain, a piece of hiphop with a text that is in between English and Spanish. ‘Doesn’t matter what language you speak, this song, everyone understands’, grins Hasselbank.

The plate that they like to be in her set would handle it, but they know that it can not

Hasselbank thinks for a moment. “What I can run, depends on the audience. As long as I don’t know how that feels, it is not up to me to decide what music is or is not. And I play just like the unexpected, on numbers that you don’t see coming. You never know which vibe you the public can bring.’ After a little urging, scroll them through her playlists, and she comes up with Kuliko jana from Sauti Sol, a Kenyan afropopband for the number one choir in the arm took. ‘Da’s really a member of clergy,” says Hasselbank, ” but if I strive to listen, I get instant goose bumps.’

The plate that they like to quit

‘That depends again on the mood in which the audience is sitting, but usually I end with some downtempo hip-hop. A song like Yikes for example, from the last album of Kanye West.’ The opinions about ye are divided, but Hasselbank is a fan. ‘As a human being, he is the north lost, but as an artist he has a great record.”

The plate that night to drive home

Yeezy should also competed in the car on the way home, tells Hasselbank, but also Sabrina Claudio is a loyal companion for the return trip. ‘They call her a fluisterzangeres. When she sings, you can hear almost an angel.’

The plate to which they the following morning to get through

One thing is clear: this woman stands up and goes to sleep with fresh new hip hop. A$ap Rocky’s Praise The Lord not only has a place conquered at the turntables, but breakfast too. ‘On repeat’, ensures Hasselbank us. ‘What a beautiful song!’

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