The festivalplaten of Goe vur in den otto: “Bon Jovi marches even on a technofestival’

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. Kicking the series off: Goe vur in den otto, the platenruiters with a penchant for meezingbare metal Graspop in fire may cross. ‘Lemmy from Motörhead is our personal great hero.’

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The dj’s: Goe vur in den Otto started as a joke, but is now already four years, the best-known hard rock and metalsoundsystem of the country. Their from the first to the last note meebrulbare sets brought Johnny Jailbait (Jan Vermeerbergen) and Pete Da Bomber (Pieter-Jan Symons), almost all the major festivals and Studio Brussels, where for a while their own show.

The set: Graspop, 21 June, 01.00-04.45 pm

The plate, which incited them to go run

‘Appetite for Destruction of Guns N’ Roses, and especially Welcome To The Jungle’, says Pieter-Jan Symons. “That picture sums up our philosophy well: hard to go with only classics. There are more than enough rock-dj’s that run better than we or always with the latest tracks to extract, but we are committed to the hits.’

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The plate with which they warm up in the backstage

Insert surprised look from your writer, because the men who everywhere they come the sale of luchtgitaren do explode, just before their rockpandemonium rather silent. “On the way we all like to have new metal on, such as the last of the Swedish band Ghost,’ says Symons. ‘. Hip-hop, that also happens. Meestak old gangsterrap à la NWA, Dr. Dre or something nieuwers as Run The Jewels, Death Grips and A$ap Rocky. Did you know A$aps new plate Testing already heard? That is really mégagoed.’

The plate that they like to open

‘We steps our sets of traditional with We Are The Road Crew by Motörhead. At the first barrel that song together perfectly what we are and what we stand for, and secondly Lemmy our personal great hero. And apparently also that of our average audience: after a half minute, we see mostly all the first fists and duivelshoorns the air to go in.

The plate that they are pulling as the general public are difficult to get

‘Or you Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi now a punk-, metal – or technofestival: that is marching. And right after Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden.’ What is the average response of the audience is such a bombardment of slightly incorrect heavy metals? “And let the women make their breasts look”, replies Symons without taking. ‘Like Steel Panther, you say? That have all of us cheated!’

The sing-along

“Every dj is struggling with the same problem, orakelt Symons. ‘How do you get the people to dance? We have the problem in the meantime shifted to: how do we get them to sing? And believe us, Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones does the trick.

The grinding disk

Symons is formal: “We do it for the women, just like all the other dj’s for that matter. As the ladies start to dance, it is successful for us and follow those men.’ And that women, who let themselves to the dance floor to lure by Girls Girls Girls by Mötley Crüe and ZZ Tops Sharp Dressed Man, when we Goe vur in den otto may believe.

The plate that they would like in their set would handle it, but that they know it can’t

‘It happens to us sometimes that a song will not start, while we advance thought it was a bomb would be. Running Free by Iron Maiden is one of them. It comes from their debut album, is poorly produced and sounds like it was recorded in a wooden box, but what a song! A pity that the audience did not lust.’

The plate that they would like to quit

The books of Goe vur in den otto go each time again on Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. “And time and time again that a moment in which the people have a good grasp, and once again, all of the air out of their lungs singing. Anyone feel like being on Blankenberge Beach.” The question remains how large the gap between Blankenberge Beach and, say, the metalheads of the Local Centre. ‘There Is not. Whenever we at Graspop, shows yet again how the love for the wrong bands for them, too ingrained.”

The plate that night to drive home

Insert another surprised look: Symons and Vermeerbergen cool down after their riotous sets at the show of the Bee Gees. The statement is a technical defect. “In the beginning, when we still have a great backdrop bijhadden, borrowed we for each action, a van from a friend. In the cassette player of that handling sessions was a cassette of the Bee Gees. And now, we are still, all may it also be a dash postmetal.”

The plate to which they the following morning read more

When Pete Da Bomber again Pieter-Jan, his ears recovering from a night of heavy metal. Jazz and laidback electronics than the service at the home Symons. ‘Wayne Shorter, Pharoah Sanders, Thelonious Monk…’ he narrates, ‘or, if I for beats go, things like Caribou, Recondite, and Forest Swords.’

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