The festivalplaten of dj Todiefor: ‘Justin Bieber? Then I get tomatoes at my head’

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. This week: Todiefor, who this year broke through with the Cool Kids and Rock Werchter plays. “Thanks to Skrillex, I start to run.’

Todiefor © Kevin Jordan

The dj: Brussels Luca Pecoraro won souls with his trap – and dubstepremixes but gave this year a completely different path with the funky Cool Kids, in collaboration with Alex Lucas and the Brussels-based side project of Caballero & JeanJass.

Set: Les Ardentes, Thursday, July 5, 00.00-01.00, and Rock Werchter festival, Friday 6 July, 20.15-21.10 hours. Later this summer he plays at Pukkelpop and Brussels Summer Festival.

Which artist, which album or which song made you love for the deejayen?

LUCA PECORARO: The early work of Skrillex like Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites in 2010. In that period I saw him again a fantastic set of games in the Brussels club Fuse. For four years I wanted to run like him, dubstep and other bass-heavy genres. Only two years ago, I style have changed.

With the music warm you up in the backstage before your set?

PECORARO: I follow The Magician from the beginning of his career and also Love Break, his latest single with rapper Hamza, is a big success. For me he is the example of how a dj from the little Belgium the whole world can dance.

You will have a solid opening track?

PECORARO: I play almost only my own numbers and usually starts with the Cool Kids, but in a housejasje. If I didn’t want to start with a number of myself, I would be Sandstorm by Darude, there still dare to throw.

What number do you have in your sleeve to sit the audience through a difficult time to drag you down?

PECORARO: Ante Up by M. O. P., an instant hip-hop banger.

Do you set space for a loving musical moment, a grinding disk such that then is called?

PECORARO: (decides) Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. Better is not there.

And for a singalong?

PECORARO: Occasionally, I play Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, even though this is not evident number to be set to integrate, because it is so slow. I solved that by the song line in a mash-up of stitches. Justins newer work, such as his latest album, Man of the Woods, I think it’s ok, but definitely not his best songs.

Do you have guilty pleasures, songs that are not in your set of stitches, but you still secretly like to listen to?

PECORARO: I find the songs of Justin Bieber great catchy, but when I play , I get tomatoes at my head, I think. I think it’s a matter of age. Certainly people who are older than 25 years, are really not for Bieber. The one Justin is not the other, because as I already said: with Justin Timberlake languisheth íedereen.

And with what number, or what type of number, connect your sets?

PECORARO: I’m on the last track, usually a number. Beautiful, my song with Helen, for example, is particularly suitable to people with a happy feeling home. The house-remix of the Ultimatum, the new single from Disclosure with the Ivorian singer Fatoumata Diawara, has the same effect. There is an African vibe in that song and it is incredibly well produced.

With any music you can drive home after the set?

PECORARO: in the car, I have a playlist with only old songs. Queen, Michael Jackson, that kind of thing. I listen to almost every day, because it is the only music that I can relax. Of new songs I enjoy less, because I looks too much like a producer to listen. I can only but wonder how, for example, the bass tone is or how I got my pianosound as get.

And how do you survive the next day?

PECORARO:For the morning after a set of the music may best energetic. La Loi de Murphy, for example, the first single from Angèle. I still have her brother (rapper Roméo Elvis, ed.) extensively and know her a little bit, but we have never really worked. Let it come, I would say.

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