The festivalplaten of dj duo Curtis Alto: “Three minutes of silence for the set

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. This week: Curtis Alto, two of its citizens who are gearing up for two weekends, Tomorrowland. “That guitar of Boney M, “!’

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Djs: Mathias and David Roelandt combine their dj booth with live instruments and stop their sets full of his own tracks, remixes and mashups. Singles if Intimacy and Afraid were radiohits, dj’s as Oliver Heldens and The Chainsmokers were a fan. That last duo left Curtis Alto even though the support act turning up for their show at the Lotto Arena.

Set: Tomorrowland, July 21 (14:50-15:50 pm) and 27 July (15:45-16:45 am)

What music do you need to get yourself ready for an energetic set?

DAVID ROELANDT: Three minutes of silence! Family and friends are just for show, however, still welcome for a chat, but for the rest we like to keep it quiet.

To later hard beech in to throw?

ROELANDT: Our opener is usually a number of us already would be a groovy track as the Stormy Love of the American house producer ZHU the job also can get it done. The first song in particular must set the tone for the rest of the set. What the dj before us has turned on something less of a priority ‘t go mainly for the vibe.

And what if the public does not begin to dance? Do you have an emergency number or a sing-along, which it always does?

FURTHERMORE: We just play how we at that time feel, and, usually, is that intuition is very good. Classic sing-we will not immediately, though we have a fondness for Boney M. We have their music a long time ago by chance discovered on YouTube and since then we are really hooked. That guitar in Ma Baker boys, great!

Is there during your sets space for some romance or the better of sanding?

ROELANDT: Not really actually, but we recommend like a YouTube discovery: Jorja Smith, a British singer with an amazing sultry voice. Her debut album, which last month came out, is really a must.

Do you have a guilty pleasure, a song that you would like in your set would be smuggling, but who you know that can’t?

FURTHERMORE: In the heat of the disco night by Arabesque, a German discoband from the late 70’s. We already have a number of friends to introduce them with the number that advance is suspicious, but it afterwards well. In case you’re wondering where the song line recognizes: Fake Blood, she sampled for her mega-hit I Think I Like.

I suspect that you have a set of like to close with our own work?

ROELANDT: Yep, and enjoy J Dilla’s Workinonit in the background.

And what music do you ride at night to home after a long set?

FURTHERMORE: do you Know Lewis del Mar? That his two guests from New York indie-pop play. Their Wave(s) you go to a really good find. Ideal to completely relax again to come home.

Continue to pray the morning after the hard labour to relax?

ROELANDT: With Nissim by The Gaslamp Killer will succeed us, when we’re not engrossed by the rider in the video (laughs). On Sunday morning the French elektropop with Swiss roots of Vendredi sur Mer.

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