The festivalplaten of dj Bobby Ewing: ‘Images rotate, that is pure psychology’

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. This week: Bobby Ewing, the technician of Discobar Galaxie. ‘Vinyl or mp3’s? There is no one on the dance floor doing.’

Jimmy Dewit © Thomas Legreve

THE DJ: together with Frank Lars Capaldi’ Somers, and Adriaan ‘Loveboat’ Of the Hoof, dealt Jimmy Dewit – you may also Bobby Ewing say – also again this summer timeless dansplaten to users spread over. Their sets on their own tussenpodium of Rock Werchter are now the stuff of legend, as their passages and more each year, and Tomorrowland.

THE SET: Maanrock (25 August, 00.30-02.00 hours) is their largest event of the next few weeks, but the Galaxies are also listed in the dj-booths of the Parkpop festival and the Bollekesfeesten.

Who you knows, will not be surprised that you draaivirus for the first time, caught up in Leuven.

JIMMY DEWIT: I am in the early 90s, begin turning in the Apero, the first Leuven café with a fancy dj booth. The perfect guru for me in that period, King Rick, a legend in my city that knew all about funk and soul. Dj Stoy, invariably of the party on the fuifjes that I organized, I learned everything by each other to rotate. Most of the dj’s that are so eclectic, put a lot of unnecessary shit in their sets, but in Stoy knocked the picture.

As I am about my origins talk, I also need to Blue Monday New Order state. I heard that song for the first time in 1982 at the university bierfeesten, to the position of the free radio. Once the intro – rakketakketak takketakketak branch! and I knew that I had to have. I so looking, thirty years before Shazam, to my record store to me did tell you that, no singeltje, but a maxisingle. In my imagination, the word was maxisingle a synonym for a picture that is only for djs was released.

To what music, whether or not on the maxisingle, you listen for the labor?

DEWIT: We are all three so many times already surrounded by sound that we mostly keep quiet, because that us just a moment to the first two or three plates to choose from. The time of platenbakken organizing is over and with platenbakken draw so well, but that means that the choice of that first number has become increasingly difficult.

Can you give a good opener.

DEWIT: I want You Back by The Jackson 5, but then in the Dimitri From Paris remix. Not only is Michael Jackson remixes along the official way normally impossible, it is also simply a better mix than the original. More than ten seconds of the intro, you don’t need to have all the doors of heaven to open to throw.

What if the doors dichtblijven? Is there an emergency plan in the Galaxy?

DEWIT: The simple truth is that there is no passe-partout is to be a public life. With paniekvoetbal play or write a few musical bombs, one behind the other drop, you don’t have to. Music itself is very excited, can also help your audience to get. Everyone knows that dj ” and pure psychology.

We are running in a manner of speaking for a thousand years, but it happens that we don’t know more. Recently, we were still in Yellow play, right after the match Belgium-Tunisia. The ideal setting for a hearty party, then you think, but the people were all of two hours in the afternoon drinking. Most were also reasonably croquette and had little desire to let the legs release to throw.

What a sing-retrieve often the setlist with you?

DEWIT:Rhythm Is A Dancer, Pump Up The Jam, and Africa by Toto are the best examples, I think. It was the last two years very funny to see the hype around that latter number to grow. Not so long ago people started not release to go with the chorus, but if you today could you see the faces brighten up at the intro. Most people sing that song in the ‘wowsjewee’language, as in” wowsjeweeeeeeeee from youuuuuuu!’ In other words: they have no idea what they are singing. Occasionally we throw at that time the slide once close, always laughing.

What is your favorite grinding disk from the Galaxiecollectie?

DEWIT:Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, although this is a slow, a sing-along and a ‘dansplaat’ tout court. Also, is that song written and recorded in Ostend, and is the best track that the legendary drum machine Roland 808.

Perhaps a redundant question, but is there a plate that you can’t possibly run, even though you would really like?

DEWIT: Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills & Nash would be the ideal number for a set during the day, including a beer in the hand, but I get it, but nowhere in smuggled. Anyway, is it there this summer yet. I believe that for every occasion a plate and vice versa. Because pictures run for years: good music at the right time. Vinyl or mp3’s, that is a discussion that no one on the dance floor interested.

With the track throw you the books closed?

DEWIT: At summer festivals, we do that mostly with Love Is In The Air John Paul Young. Afrikaan Beat Kaempfert, is also a great valve. Everyone is instant happy and is wondering what number it is. “That of Captain Zeppos?’ gets me every time asked. “No, that other,” is my answer. (laughs)

With any music, you will travel at night to the house?

DEWIT: With Disintegration by The Cure, but with a beautiful female voice. Beach House, with other words. (laughs) I’m constantly listening to that band: in the daytime, in the evening, in the studio…

That Is the group that you after a tiring set by the day after drags?

DEWIT: Yes, but the last time Khruangbin that also. I have the group, but only to know, but they beat me from the first note completely croquette. Their sound is psychedelic, groovy and yet everything at the same time, but always remains soft on the ears. If our set is a pair of high heels at a wedding party, then Khruangbin the pair of warm slippers for the day after.

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