The festivalplaten of Asa Moto: ‘Prince is the king of the grinding disk’

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. This week: Asa Moto, that with new work, under the arm to Dour draws. “But our ochtendvibes come from Brazil.’

Oliver Geerts and Gilles Jacobus of Asa Moto © /

The dj’s: Oliver Geerts and Gilles Noé do on DeeWee, the label of Stephen and David Dewaele, producer and they spin electronic music, full of warm vibes. At the end of the previous month, dropped them fine new work under the name Playtime.

The set: Dour, 11 July, 21.00-22.30

What plate did you decide to run?

OLIVER GEERTS:Endtroducing by Dj Shadow, an album full of samples that has become a classic in itself. When you as a young musician for the first time hear, just want you to know how in the hell is made of.

Turning your music for you on stage?

GILLES JACOBUS: Yep, something like Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band. That number is not only megawijs, there hangs for me a memory of childhood. I was as a child, is addicted to basketball and to the basketfilm Space Jam, with the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan. When he the gym walk into, you can hear Fly Like an Eagle.

What should a good opening track for you?

NOË: it varies, depending on the time in which we should play and what our pastor has played. If that all kapotbeukt, we are not going to super soft start. (laughs)Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb in the Cumulonimbus Mix is a good one, because it’s a slow number when every other number can mix and that draws the attention by the strange vocal.

With which song are dragging you to your audience through a difficult time?

GEERTS: Our own track Kifesh, which is on our ep. That number is already five years old and in that time kind of our go-to-track. It is anyway one of the most danceable songs we have made so far.

Is there a Asa Moto-set space for a singalong?

JACOBUS: no, Not really, but a classic of, say, Hot Chocolate. You see at all the big festivals that djs are becoming more open to other genres, not only disco and funk, but also all kinds of world music.

And let you the better of sanding?

GEERTS: The king of the grinding disk is Prince, without a doubt. Just listen to If I Was Your Girlfriend, or ask to Bruno Mars where he is the mustard comes from. Only my mom is less easy to decorate: they fell ever sleep at Princeconcert, during one of the mans long guitar solos. (laughs)

With which plate – or what kind of plate do you guys like the books close?

GEERTS: With our valve, we want to say: the night is beautiful, this was for us and many more there’s not more to run or to say. Plastic Dreams from JayDee is the perfect musical translation of that message. Or something by Donna Summer. What the dj after us, then another plan is? Not our problem. (laughs)

There is music on when you after the set of home and away?

GEERTS:Recollections of Miles Davis. For me a logical choice, because I jazz have sent, but we are definitely both gigafan. And certainly that number is: nineteen minutes long.

How come you the day after?

NOË: With music, that is for sure. Good vibes needed and often come from Brazil. By Jorge Ben for example, one of the biggest pop stars of the country. We understand there is no word, but believing everything he sings.

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