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A historical look at the BGH confirmation showdowns

Presidential historian, Doug Wead, weighs in on the congressional showdown over Supreme Court nominee judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Regardless of whether the Senate Republicans successful in the confirmation of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it is always likely, that the procedural hurdles have to be taken to him of his seat on the bench before the start of the court term Oct. 1 — a fixed date set by Federal law.

However, legal experts say, Fox News, the immediate impact of the delay in filling the ninth seat of the Supreme court of justice may be minimal. The upcoming Supreme Court term is “pretty benign, if it leads to hot topics,” Adam Feldman, a Supreme court expert, the blog Empirical SCOTUS, told Fox News.

“This makes me think that the judges were aware of the [Justice Anthony] Kennedy’s likely departure, if you start granting cases for this term,” he added.

“The workload for OT in 2018 is pretty benign when it comes to hot topics.”

Supreme Court Expert Adam Feldman

And, as the feedback from the judges Neil from gorsuch and Samuel Alito showed, a justice on the Supreme Court mid-term can get up to speed quickly, and can cast an important vote in the cases argued that the experts have said.

The Supreme court also has shown to delay a willingness to cases, arguments and decisions, the blocks maybe at the end, to a ninth justice seats, as well as the cases for re-argument in future semesters.

In 2016, if Antonin Scalia died unexpectedly, the Supreme Court of appeal proceedings were going to handle contrary to his usual procedure, the hearing in the order in which you granted the review of a lower court’s decision.

Instead, the judge decided to move the arguments in several important cases, in the hope of the draw to avoid a 4-4, effectively upholding the lower court’s decisions by default. Administrative matters, such as whether the delay in the rule by a vote of the judges; four votes are required to grant appeals procedure will treat a case.


“The concept of justice Scalia died, the court always has a plan, the most controversial cases for the argument that you don’t just plan, month after month after month, even as cases of grants, which were later planned, and argued,” John Elwood, a prominent Washington, DC law firm partner and a former senior justice Department said attorney has several cases argued before the Supreme court, Fox News.

For example, the now widely known for the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the stones, the Colorado baker against local officials, who argued that his religious preference was to bake a cake for gay couples illegal, remained for months, before the court took it up. Arguments in the case, delayed again and again, before from gorsuch was confirmed — a step, the said legal observers, is not uncommon, when a new member of the court.


The Supreme Court, chosen from gorsuch as the decisive voice, the last summer that Colorado had traded for the officials to refuse the improper animus against religious beliefs, if you punished the Baker for the performance, to the gay couple.

The judge may take a similar approach for the upcoming term of office, the of the uncertainty about Kavanaugh’s fate.

“My feeling is that you are going, without relying on cases that said in very controversial issue-areas, until you know with certainty, who the vacancy is filled on the court,” Feldman. He noted that Chief Justice John Roberts “about 4-4 decisions seems to be very concerned and, of the other judges’ own words, Roberts is smart, it means consensus. “

For his part, Elwood a hand-cited full-coming events that may be blocked without a ninth justice.

“I could see some of the three-arbitration as a split 4-4 if there is no ninth justice—these cases are sometimes controversial,” said Elwood of Fox News, refers to a series of cases in which the Federal Arbitration Act and related issues. A case is set for example, to determine whether Federal law allows to refuse to the courts to enforce arbitration agreements that make it possible to determine an arbitrator questions of arbitrability, if the court determines independently of each other, so a claim of arbitrability meritless.


Another important case), where the revenue clause of the Constitution, buckling, v. Township of Scott, is scheduled for arguments on Oct. 3, and has the potential to be a 4-4 split.

The case is ” asked to overrule a precedent, that it is more difficult, withdrawals, claims in the Federal court, and it is planned that already in October, so it is to argue the most likely, without the full number of judges,” Elwood said.

“I was also added to see to keep track of the pending case on the repeal of the so-called “two-state doctrine’ (which both state and Federal authorities prosecuted someone for the same offense, without the conflict, the Ex Post Facto clause) potentially divided, each of which is 4-4, but not on ideological lines,” Elwood.

Feldman also cites v. Madison Alabama, which is currently set for argument Oct. 2, as a possible “ideological divides” of the case. The court will solve, among other issues, whether a state can constitutionally perform a prisoner suffers from a mental disorder, as a result of the disorder, lacking any memory of the Commission of the crime.

With all the extensions we have Dr. Ford to decide whether you still want to be a testimony to the Senate I have the feeling that I got the game 2. Trombone in the justice of the orchestra, and Schumer is the conductor

— Chuck Grassley (@Chuck Grassley) September 22, 2018

Nevertheless, the Republicans have to hope that any delay to get in the, Kavanaugh would not take a sit for a long time. Friday, the earliest the Senate judiciary Committee is likely to reasonably vote on Kavanaugh gave the confirmation that a trial has to say on Thursday in the sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh, Senate sources, Fox News.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., would prepare, a cloture petition to end debate on the Kavanaugh nomination. But that couldn’t be filed until the next day — Oct what is normally Monday. 1, which are established as legally binding as the first day of the next Supreme court term.

McConnell theoretically could fast-track the cloture vote for Saturday, that would mean, unusual weekend sessions. By the rule, the attempt to limit debate and overcome a filibuster in the Senate needs to set for a day before the procedural vote. If a cloture were filed on Saturday, then the stop of the day would be Sunday.

The vote to end the filibuster would Oct then on the following day. 1. Under the current Senate precedent to a filibuster breaking on Supreme Court nominees, 51 senators must vote in, by the end of the debate Yet, because of the procedural delay tactics, the vote would probably not be able to occur until Oct. 2 at the earliest.

Republicans and the media, observers did not condemn The New Yorker for publication, substantiated accounts of the alleged sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh on Sunday, and the most important details in the story of Christine Blasey Ford, another Kavanaugh Prosecutor. But even if you argue that the decades-old allegations against Kavanaugh last-minute compromise, but the Republicans have realized that a quick vote carries its own political risks.


With a narrow 51-49 majority in the Senate, GOP senators not more than one betrayal. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said, to claim that Ford, the first woman to misconduct on the part of Kavanaugh, to testify before the Senate judiciary Committee prior to any vote on Kavanaugh.

That sentiment was also from Maine, moderate Sen. Susan Collins, as a potential swing vote. Collins has sharply democratic U.S. senators for the retention of the allegations against Kavanaugh criticized a secret to tell until late in the process, that their behaviour was “not fair” either Kavanaugh or Ford.

But they say other Republicans, including President Trump, that you want to hear, from Ford, without rushing Kavanaugh to the Bank.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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